Can u say Bling Bling. It's $300 /bottle here and $600 in the Opium niteclub,but you get to sit in a special section if you buy a bottle, Woo Hoo!.I'm glad I broke down and bought a $75 a bottle in the 80's when the Frence Franc was down because it's way out of my league now..
Let's be honest...the Cristal is good. Very crisp, yeasty, and with a touch of dark cider, it's a good "champagne". I've had Doms that kicked this Pee Diddy's a$$ though at half the price. Is it worth it? Haven't we had this debate before? If you have the money then shower with it.
Originally posted by Bella Donna:
is it better than Dom or Krug?

Let's see. Krug has only released the 1990 in the last year and Cristal has the 1999 on store shelves as we speak. You do the marketing math and tell me if there is any way in hell the quality has not been affected with Cristal.
Remember, Cristal is not expensive because of rappers. Rappers drink Cristal because it is expensive. For most of them you could put Babycham in their Cristal bottles and they wouldn't know the difference. Like the bling, it is about aspiration.

I have one bottle of Cristal 1996 which will be drunk when it is ready and I have an occasion. I have no plans to use it in my next rap video. I have never tried Cristal but I am a great admirer of Louis Roederer Champagnes, so it seems appropriate to have one bottle of his best. I hope it's good when I have it.
It's expensive because it's the prestige cuvee of a large house and happens to be very good Champagne. On the other hand, their price has risen more dramatically than any of the others, they release earlier every year, and choose to release wines in subpar vintages ('94) to satisfy demand. I won't buy unless their cult following disappears enough to force them to lower prices.

A few weeks ago I watched from the bar at Smith & Wollensky in Columbus as a few (loud and rather foul-mouthed) rapper wanna-bes drank four bottles of '97 "Criss" over about two hours, finishing with a few Vodkas. They made sure the entire bar knew how much they spent by shouting out their intention to frame the $1800 bill - paid in cash. Roll Eyes
I love flagship cuvées, though normally they're drunk much too young. For what a bottle of Cristal fetches on the market I'd much rather have a mixed halfcase of small growers' champagne, of the sort Terry Theise carries in the USA. The really mineral blanc de blancs are usually too austere for the general public's toast, but boy are they serious wine!
Originally posted by Bella Donna:
I don't want to drink Cristal anymore since everybody associates it with being rap star related.

This does not bother me. I have no intention of drinking it in da club either.

I bought my one bottle some time ago. It had intrigued me since I discovered that Roederer NV was such a damned good wine and then the Vintage was so interesting. I couldn't let the big one go when I saw it at Geneva Airport at a bargain price. I have a Dom 96 as well which will receive equal treatment.
Originally posted by mike1026:
Haven't we had this debate before? If you have the money then shower with it.


I don't mean to sound so...80s, but seriously, it is all about the "bling" (as Walt said) in these situations. The rappers pouring Cristal on the ground in the many videos is just them showing that they've got money to burn.

Heck, if you got it, live it up!
i've come to realize over the years that there are many things i don't get. like what gives with droopy pants, do rags, and $200 sneakers? i don't get nose rings, fast food, or tom cruise. i don't really understand gravity, terrorism, or why god lets dogs get hurt. add crystal to the list.
Originally posted by Phil Smith:

A few weeks ago I watched from the bar at Smith & Wollensky in Columbus as a few (loud and rather foul-mouthed) rapper wanna-bes drank four bottles of '97 "Criss" over about two hours, finishing with a few Vodkas.

Those were my homies, dawg. Peace out!
Originally posted by Aussie:
So KB, if you aren't using Cristal in your next rap video, what are you using??? You one bad ass Coventry boy! Razz Wink

As you point out, I'm from Coventry so it has to be Chateau Talbot.

This gas-guzzling road-munching baby was the top of the range of the cars out from the factory next to my school.

My dear ole dad bought one... then when it broke down he bought another... then when that broke down he used one as spares for the other... then when that broke down he bought a Ford Roll Eyes
I had a 1993 Crystal a couple of years ago and didn't find it any better than any $40-50 Champagne on the liquor store shelf.

Strange though how I had a stong desire to go out and spend $20,000 on 27" "spinners" for my car immediately after drinking the Crys. Them rims is sick.

I hope it's pimp-tight when I gots it.
Note: I've only had the '90 and '96 Cristal. Based on those experiences, I would say that Cristal is a BIG waste of money. It's a nice Champagne, but it performs in the 93-95 pt. category, which makes it's price tag ridiculous. There are far better alternatives for much less. Taittinger Comtes, Salon, Krug, Dom, Bollinger, etc., etc....
I just had a bottle of Gloria Ferrer 1990 wedding cuvee for $24 that I enjoyed very much.I would be suprized if there isn't somebody fillng up Crystal dead solders with the cheap stuff and flogging them off to club patrons at $600. a pop i'd like to get into that scam myself.
Originally posted by AES:
I have had all three of the ones you mentioned. Cristal was my least favorite of all, the Krug was outstanding (and that was a NV!), and the Dom (96) was a close second. For the money, I'd take Krug any day.

I have had them, and agree. Of course, I would drink Gosset Celebris before any of them.
This thread has degenerated into ethnic blasting.

Yeah... I agree. We should respect those guys... they worked hard selling drugs to little kids until one of them hit it big and started helping out all of their "quality" friends. I hope my kids someday grow up using more curse words than actual words and treat ladies like dogs. And if they hit it big, I hope they buy the most expensive stuff possible, learn nothing about it, and make fools of themselves by throwing it all away, cuz after all, money ain't a thang.

Bella, if making fun of those morons is 'ethnic blasting', then I would be outrageously embarrassed to be black.

I feel bad for black people who actually work hard and have morals that have to fight the image that idiots like Nelly, P Diddy and the rest of those classy fellas create.

On a wine note, I love Roederer's Brut Premiere NV, and would think that Cristal would be decent as well, although not necessarily worth the price commanded in retail shops today. I'd probably be just as happy w/ a Bollinger, although their prices are really really pushing it as of late.


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