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*sigh* Frown Young cellar...

I've still got a young cellar but, that being said, my oldest is a $10 purchase of a pristine-looking 1988 Hedges Cellars Red Mountain Reserve and a 1989 Chateau Ste. Michelle 'Reserve' Red Wine. We'll see - at $20 total, I'm not too worried.

After that, there's a big jump up to a 1996 Quilceda Creek Cab and the next oldest.
Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
I have a few local bottles of 'Uvas' left from 1966

You'll have to enlighten me on that one. The only 'Uvas' I know is Sycamore Creek's name for their Cabernet/Chardonnay blend (which is just as good as it sounds)

The Benosio brothers made it when they owned what is now Kirigin. Kirigin still owns the brand name as I understand it and Sycamore Creek uses it by some loophole or agreement with Kirigin.

It was their top Cabernet Sauvignon bottling. Non vintage, but the thoughtful original owner of my bottles hand dated them. I think they sold originally for $3 vs the $1.50 everything else sold for. It was generally considered the top wine in the Hecker Pass / Uvas Creek area for many years as I understand it.
1928 Canon, probably dead!

1935 Simi Zin, definitely dead, but a special interest story goes with this one. This bottle was given to me by Mrs. Isabelle Haigh, the owner of Simi when I visited Simi in August 1968. I think she was impressed with my youth and naivete! I told her I would never open that bottle, and today it remains the bottle which has been in my cellar the longest.
Wow. I buy wine on release and cellar it myself. I just turned 30, so my oldest bottles are around 10 years. I have only ever purchased a few bottles of mature wine (20+ years), all of which I drank within a year of purchase.
Current oldest bottles are some 98 Cos'd Estournel and Lynch Bages, with some 99 Napa cabs, Brunello, and Amarone. I have some Bordeaux and Rhones that I will keep around for a while, but for the most part, when a wine hits 10 years, I drink it.

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