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Originally posted by aphilla:
As in this TN:

Juicy, with a beam of red currant and cherry fruit backed by sweet spice, roasted vanilla and red licorice notes. There's a nice juicy edge to the medium-weight finish. Drink now through 2015.

I've always interpreted that to mean focused, bright fruit that shines through.
I often write that in my own notes when I mean to convey precision of the fruit as it attacks the palate, like a laser beam on a cornea, or a Borg cutting beam slicing into the Enterprise's outer hull...

Ahem...anyway, the wine would usually have intense fruit concentration, but focused into that beam by perfectly balanced acidity, alcohol, and tannin levels.

I've picked up that term, probably from Molesworth, and use it from time to time; I mean it to represent (as others have said) a focused and clearly distinct taste of fruit.

Just as a flashlight beam shows up clearly in a dark room, some wines have a precise flavor that stands out against the background.

If a taste is strong but doesn't jump out from the background, I wouldn't use the term.

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