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I learned this year that Monastrell and Mourvedre are two names for the same grape.
Didn't know that.

also called mataro in cali & Australia.

Ridge makes a good Mataro

I learned about LaLas this year dance
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In the NHL, a hand pass is legal in the defensive zone.

Please tell me you didn't just learn that last night! In ten years when they are discussing the streak, very few will remember that the record breaking point came off a hand rather than a stick.
A partial list of what I've learned:

  • that if you pay attention and listen to your friends, there's a whole wide world of affordable, intriguing white wine out there;
  • that for the most part (as there are always exceptions to the rule) I like my Barolo younger - more or less in the 12-20 age range;
  • that I'm no longer interested in red CdP unless it has serious bottle age, and even then it doesn't really lift my skirt;
  • that my tastes have moved up the road to Northern Rhone, and I can't get enough of bloody raw meat and bacon fat;
  • that I'm a fan of autolytics in my Champagne;
  • that I could drink Champagne every night of the week;
  • that I have a serious wine-buying problem.

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