I've cracked two of the tritan burgundy's ...

the bordeaux ones look to be of studier build ...

one time my gf kicked it onto the carpet and it cracked cleanly in half.

other time I was very drunk (and I forgot where my light switch was), tipped it off the table shattered to a bunch of tiny pieces...
Originally posted by PURPLE:
I would love to have some Ridel Syrah/shiraz glass, but we are kinda content to use the Spiegelau Bordeaux for shiraz.

We kind of cheat and have 2 of a variety of Riedel's for ourselves, along with sets of the Bordeaux and Chard stems for when guests are over.

I have yet to do a blind tasting to see if I can tell the difference between a Bordeaux and Syrah stem (nor have I fully considered exactly how to do a blind tasting of stems of different height / weight / etc.), because I'd rather not find out that I wasted my money. Eek Red Face Wink
I actually have 2 Syrah/Shiraz Riedels. They were replacements for 2 broken Bordeaux stems and I bought them instead as Williams Sonoma had them on sale for $20 vs. $28 for the Bordeaux's. They are VERY similar to their Bordeaux stems, so you would be fine with those. I'll also add my 2 cents for the Schotts Cab/Bordeaux, which I bought too based on many recs from the board and have been very pleased with.
Originally posted by Darlene:
Cool Have a few Riedels, but truly prefer my Schotts. I have the Diva line, both the Burgundy and the Cab/Bordeaux. In this instance, I'd probably use the Bordeaux.

I agree Darlene. My two Ridel stemless were a gift and I enjoy them for PN but I'm happy with the Schott. I have some Diva (1 set) and some Forte. (1 5/6 set) The Forte do break...but only the stem. After knocking it off a table to a wood floor, the bowl and base remained intact. The stem we were sweeping up for a week.
When the Grange, Magill, RWT, etc were released this year, we were given some Penfolds branded glasses to use. They are Riedel Vinum Extreme Bordeaux style glasses. Personally I can't stand them. I would rather go for the bigger classic bordeaux style glass with a smaller stem, especially for the northern Barossa style shiraz's and have just tasted the entire Two Hands range using a zerrutti bordeaux which worked fine.
I have Schott Top Ten Full Bodied, Riedel Sommelier series, Lenox Bordeaux, and a cheap restaurant grade glass. Of these four glasses, I prefer the Schott Zwiesel Top Ten titanium. They are a nice design, something like the Riedel Extreme, and they go into the dishwasher!

Also, I only have two styles of glasses; Red Wine & Champagne flutes.

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