Here's a thread where we can pay tribute to vanished food products & menu items that we miss. I can think of a couple off the bat...

1. Trader Joe's used to sell Spicy Hummus & Cilantro Pesto Torta, a 3-layer dip with the two aforementioned components, topped with a layer of cream cheese. I used to love it with blue corn tortilla chips. Haven't seen it in about 10 years.

2. My favorite flavor of Quaker Instant Oatmeal used to be Raisin, Date & Walnut. I haven't seen that in stores for a long time now. I know, instant oatmeal is a cop-out, but damned if I'm going to keep a constant supply of raisins, dates AND walnuts on hand, let alone take the time to make it the "real" way! Bring it back, Quaker guy! (oh yeah, and peace be unto you - Roll Eyes)
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Rocket push-ups from the ice cream man. Not the orange ones, but the vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls. Damn....

Absinthe, Beluga caviar, fois gras, Ortolon, raw milk (and cheeses thereof)..... Wink

I rarely eat ice cream anymore, but if I did I would miss Fratelli's, Godiva Chocolate (pre Campbell's Soup) and a short lived brand, Tres Chocolat.
Reggie Jackson candy bars....

And for the record, we found Pudding Pops at the local Shop Rite about 3 years ago...haven't seen them since....sounds like it's time for a Google search! More to come! -mJ
I had quite a racket going back in middle school with the spicy cinnamon toothpicks. We used to make them ourselves, store them 5 per bag in little plastic baggies and then sell them for a quarter. We used to soak them for days in pure cinnamon extract until the toothpicks almost dissolved. Pure hedonistic ( for a 12 year old) bliss, but watch out for rubbing your eyes or any cuts with your hands. That stuff was potent.

Mine is Snapple made a Cantelope Cocktail that I thought was wonderful, but haven't seen that in years.

Dale451- thanks for the memory on the homemade cinnamon toothpicks. My older brother did the same thing you did at about the same age and I completely forgot about it. It must have been something from a certain era?
Space Food Sticks

My mother's fried chicken (Oh you know there were loads of transfats in that stuff! Yum!)

Anyone remember their parents Fondue Parties? (Haven't made that in years. Maybe it's time.)

Mexican Diet Coke in glass bottles (You can get the regular at Costco now, but no one has the diet. You can hardly tell it from the regular. Probaby is. Razz)

Quisp and Quake cereal

Simba and Quench sodas

Arnold Palmer Lemonade/Ice Tea (I find this all over the West, but it's damn hard to find here. Mad)

Sambo's Pancake Houses

Hoffmans root beer with ice cream float

white Hot dogs [Rochester Special]

Jenny Cream Ale

A good French lunch in the bakery at the Chateau Champlain in Montreal

Chuck & Harolds Omlete in Palm Beach


Good hot dogs, and No Ball Park Franks And
Hebrew National are not good.

Silver Floss Sauer Kraut

Corona beer [used to be sold in Puerto Rico] but the darn Mexocains complained, and thus no more

Fosters MADE IN AUSTRALIA not Canada

Fresh Maple syrup poured on the virgin snow, and eaten like candy
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Originally posted by KSC02:
spicy cinnamin toothpicks.
Found some once, but not the same.

When we were kids we would make our own by soaking toothpicks in cinnamon oil for several days. They were so potent they would burn our lips, but they sure were tasty.
Originally posted by Gigond Ass:
Space Food Sticks.


Thanks, GA. Funny, Pilsbury trying to pass those things off as nutritious. I love the convenient "hole" in the space helmet.
Pasties from the Olde Pastie Shop, Churchgate, Bolton
Black puddings, particularly from Bury market.
Fish and Chips, eaten from a newspaper, in the rain.
Proper full-length rashers of bacon with the rind still on.
Smith's Savoury Vinegar flavour crisps.
Ringos and Quavers - the way they used to be, not the way they are now.
Granary bread.
Pate and cheese lunches at the Swan And Three Cygnets, Dunelm Bridge, Durham circa 1985.
Proper beer.

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