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spicy cinnamin toothpicks.
Found some once, but not the same.

When we were kids we would make our own by soaking toothpicks in cinnamon oil for several days. They were so potent they would burn our lips, but they sure were tasty.
Pasties from the Olde Pastie Shop, Churchgate, Bolton
Black puddings, particularly from Bury market.
Fish and Chips, eaten from a newspaper, in the rain.
Proper full-length rashers of bacon with the rind still on.
Smith's Savoury Vinegar flavour crisps.
Ringos and Quavers - the way they used to be, not the way they are now.
Granary bread.
Pate and cheese lunches at the Swan And Three Cygnets, Dunelm Bridge, Durham circa 1985.
Proper beer.

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