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Was it used in connection with Italian wine?
Sottobosco is Italian for underbrush or under the forest.
Sotto means suppressed also. Like "Sotto voce" means an undervoice, kind of a mumble, or at least a softer and only semiaudible voice.
So, maybe it means, as to wine, a subtle under flavoring of woody taste?
cdr11 -- I speak English. I speak passable French and passable Hebrew. I understand some Italian, pretty much Yiddish, and a little teeny amount of Spanish.
Interestingly, I have trouble pronouncing Hawaiian words--too many vowels.
Ever read the book "The Catcher was a Spy"? It is a biography of Moe Berg, a major league catcher. He was fluent in around 10 languages and mastered medicine, nuclear physics, and many other subjects. The guy was brilliant.
It is an amazing book and an amazing story and why it hasn't been made into a movie is beyond me. He was truly a Renaissance man.
one of the amazing things about Berg was that he went to Japan on an offseason trip with some other major leaguers. While there, he went to the tops of buildings in Tokyo and took photos. These photos became the basis of our military's bombing in WWII, as they were the only photos available of Tokyo.
He infiltrated the German nuclear program in WWII. Since he spoke German with no accent, it was easy.
I have not disclosed the most amazing parts of the book.

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