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I've been going to the High Hampton Inn, in North Carolina for many years.  Their wine selection used to be pretty bad.  They just completed a renovation under new ownership, and are re-opening soon.  They've published their Wine List:

Just wondering if anyone has thoughts about it.  I'll reserve my own for the moment.

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@jcocktosten posted:

The selections look good - it is rather pricey both on mark-up as others have noted and just generally - Personally, I think even expensive restaurants should have more options in the 50-75 range than they generally do and this is no exception.  They have some but not many.

I assume this is a fancy expensive restaurant?

The dinner menu I've seen doesn't have the prices.  But it is run by the people from the famous Blackberry Farm in TN, so I assume it is going to be pricey.  The lunch menu was on the pricier side.  Palm Beach prices, as I call them.  I don't mind paying a mark-up, but there comes a time when the prices are so exorbitant that it becomes an insult.

My take on the Wine List is that it is on the expensive side.  Not the place to go and just order wine carefree.

Looking from NY retail prices, the list is pretty outrageously marked at 3x min to 5x.  I haven't spotted any 2x tbh.

I find places like this, i'll usually go with cocktails/spirits and ask the somm for a pairing with food vs ordering a btl.

Basically I would just enjoy the food and just use drink to slightly wet the whistle

I wouldn't mind drinking that COS Nero D'avola or that Chateau Musar. I noticed they had Gatinara which I find to be very accessible compared to other nebbiolos. The Campania also caught my eye which I am guessing is an aglianico. Certainly some stuff there I would love to drink and would enjoy trying.

Those markups are merciless though.

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