My dad, my brothers and I are going fishing and planning on catching Crappie's and Walleye's. We're going to pan fry our catch lightly breaded with seasoned cornmeal. It screams for beer, but I'd rather drink wine.
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In minnesota they call this a shore lunch since walleye is the minnesota state fish. Cold beer would be the best, but a crisp riesling would have enough acidity to cut through the batter.

24 hours from now, I'll be on a boat trying to catch catfish hunter.
When I lived in Michigan growing up we'd fish the Au Sable river early morning and catch tons of fresh perch. Lunch would be a fish fry with lots of beer- As much as I love wine, a nice cold beer goes best with fried fresh-water fish, in my opinion.

Not to say that I wouldn't enjoy a Champagne or Riesling...

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