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I would not bring the same wine - looks cheap or at the least is boring for you and your diners.

I don't normally bring large format bottles either. I like variety. Not that you would do this, but bringing 2 magnums of a low end Shiraz or something like that would be a no-no as well. I would be embarassed to bring it and embarassed to serve people who brought it. Smile

Proper BYO Decorum IMO is to bring good bottles that are not on their list. I would base them off of the food menu (white for seafood starters, bold red for steaks etc.). so it's more complimentary to your dining and more interesting to the diners.

3 bottles would probably be my max in this situation, unless you arranged ahead of time for more and it was ok. I have never brought more unless it was for a tasting dinner that the place was aware of.

I also will tell the servers not to worry about pouring wine all night for us on bottles we brought. This can help in the future, may cut down on the cork fee (if there is one) and I just like to pour my own wine anyway. The first pour is fine, otherwise let him crack them open for you and tell him to just leave the bottles. He'll be relieved and you won't have to wait around.

Ordering a bottle or two from their list is a nice gesture that would be appropriate as well. A dessert wine or starter white may be good to do or just order some drinks.

Waiting for Grunhauser or his clones to do "his usual" and call me a cheap bastard now..... Big Grin
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Originally posted by Hunter:

Proper BYO Decorum IMO is to bring good bottles that are not on their list.

Unlike Hunter I don't try to hide my cheapness. I specifically byob only the bottles that are on the list. And I offer servers, the somm and even chef a taste, in hopes they appreciate my generosity and drop the corkage fee. I also pretend I am visiting from EU where tipping is optional.

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