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Moutai (or Maotai) is distilled from fermented sorghum.  It's similar to soju (Korean) and shoju (Japanese).  The most famous Moutai is Kweichow Moutai.  I have a dozen or so bottles at home.  Moutai originated, I believe, in the 17th century.

I only drink it when I am in China (a very common ceremonial drink; and I usually over-consume!) or when Chinese friends are visiting.  Interestingly, I have never had a hangover when drinking it, although I do drink a lot of water.

As for the moutai at Costco, I have not seen it before.

My daughter came by the other day (when I wasn't home) to grab a Bailey's that I had bought her, but when she couldn't find it, she helped herself to one of my remaining Elijah Craig 12 Years. Decided she didn't care for it and brought it back (I assume, because there was no cinnamon flavoring in it.)

So now, since it's already opened...

Larceny bourbon - there's a Youtube channel called "How to Drink" where the guy did a 10 bottle blind tasting:  a $3000 Pappy Van Winkle and nine other similar bourbons (ranging in price from about $30 to $200).  The Larceny (about a $30 bottle) came in second place; the Pappy was way down in the ranking.

Anyways, I tried the Larceny, and it was pretty darn good.  Certainly an inexpensive alternative - but since I've never had Pappy, I'm just relying on the "How to Drink" dude.

I usually have a bottle of Larceny sitting around.  It's a good everyday sipper.  It's a wheated bourbon, so a bit of a sweeter finish than most bourbons.  Both Larceny and Makers are good wheated alternatives to the fancy (and now overpriced) Weller bottles.  Also, there is a book about the Van Winkle family, and its an easy and enjoyable read, but my main takeaway was that the family patriarch-who kept the Pappy line going and brought it back to prominence-likes to drink his bourbon with a twist of lemon on the rocks.  I started to add a twist to my bourbons, and dang if it isn't delicious.  

I'm drinking a 1 ltr. bottle of Kirkland Small Batch Straight Bourbon at 92 proof. It was reasonably inexpensive (under $40 in WA, and we have one of the highest liquor taxes in the country), and made by Barton 1792 distillers, so I thought it was worth a shot. It's not on a par with my regular sippers, but certainly more than adequate for mixed drinks. I saw yesterday that Costco also has 100 proof bottled in bond, also made by 1792, out now for about the same price.

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We had some cool, rainy weather recently that made me glad I recently bought these peated scotches that I highly recommend.

Port Charlotte 10 (Bruichladdich's peated line) - had this last month while in the Finger Lakes for a wedding and really enjoyed and bought some when I got home. Full bodied from being 100 proof and well balanced with the peat.

Ledaig 10 - not an Islay, but from the Island of Mull.  I get a bit of honey sweetness on the front end that compliments the peat really well. So nice.

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