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redfreak posted:

Hey now - That Oban sounds really nice!

did it have an age statement?

I’m not familiar with at Oban.

It's their 14-year bottling but it's aged an additional 6-18 months in Montilla Fino sherry butts.  The 1991 vintage was released in 2005. I bought it when we visited Oban in 2006, I believe, but only recently opened the bottle for the first time.

thelostverse posted:
wineismylife posted:

Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila.  A 15 year old bottle I brought back from Cabo when I was there in 2004.  Pretty freaking amazing.

I love this stuff.  Expensive, but well worth the money in my opinion.

It sells for $130/bottle in my area; however, I've found it at Total Wine for $99.

When you consider what a 1.5-ounce pour sells for at restaurants/bars, it is a tremendous bargain.

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