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Glad to see some posts on this thread after a 2 month pause.  Some things I've bought and tried recently that were new and interesting.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B518 (66.7%)

Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye (59.8%)

Weller Special Reserve

Oban Little Bay ($26 at Costco!)

Scored the 2018 releases of High West Midwinter's Night Dram and Thomas H Handy Rye that I am looking forward to.


thelostverse posted:
vinole posted:

El Dorado 12 while listening to classic Christmas songs performed on steel drum on the patio with temps in the low 70's.  Merry Christmas Mon!

Lots of Appleton and Red Stripe while listening to reggae Christmas songs on the beach in Jamaica. Christmas in the Caribbean, we’ve got everything but snow. 

Ya feelin IRIE mon. Jah provides.

thistlintom posted:
azwiese posted:

It'd been a while, but I got back to drinking some Eagle Rare 10yr, both neat and in an old fashioned.  Easily my go to bourbon for less than 40$.  That and Old Bardstown Estate.  

Where do you get Eagle Rare?  Hard to get out West.

Eagle Rare is pretty readily available in SD.  My most recent bottle was purchased at Costco. It's also available at Vons and BevMo here.  And to clarify, it's their basic bottling, not their fancy 17 year old which I've never encountered.  

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