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These were all single pours at bars.

EH Taylor was harsh and is overpriced.

Jefferson's is outstanding for the money, right around $30 for a 750ml I believe.

Thomas H Handy was nice and worth the money but unfortunately hard to find at retail.

Hirsch was very interesting. Very pale in color as they do not add coloring. Shows the oak but with great balance, beautifully spicy.
Originally posted by vinoevelo:
Originally posted by NolanE:
Angostura 1919 Rum

WOW. The nose here is unreal.

love that stuff. went through an inordinate amount this past summer.

I'm not a big rum drinker; got burned out on the stuff during a vacation on St. Thomas, VI many years ago.
But would you recommend this as a gift to a friend who still enjoys it?
Whisky tasting at a local shop:
Couvreur "Overaged", very basic pure malt, unpeated, clean and well crafted
Couvreur "Candid", only 6yr old, yet very rounded, matured in PX cask
Couvreur "Blossoming Auld Sherried", best of the tasting, 15yr old matured in PX, marvelously balanced, beautiful sherry note.
Uberach (from Alsace, aged in Banyuls cask), a big surprise, very delicate, well crafted.
Bunnahabhain Toiteach un-chillfiltered (slightly more peated than the usual Bunnahabhain, still very subtle), not exactly cheap, but still my QPR favourite of the tasting.

Took home a bottle of Bunnahabhain Toiteach and Couvreur Blossoming Auld Sherried
Originally posted by aphilla:
Glenfiddich 15 is nice. I have a gift pack with 12, 15, and 18 in it. I think I'll have to try all of them side-by-side.

Good idea to try them all side by side vs. saving for one at a time. I once did that with all the Remy's from their basic Cognac through to the Louis X111, all from full bottles so we has some left over for later. The difference was clear as we moved though the progression.

Enjoy your your whiskey tasting!

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