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Originally posted by xhoser:
Tartines of goat cheese, fresh herbs, and prosciutto over a green salad with a glass of bourgheil and some chocolate pastry from the patisserie.

Thanks Xhoser to you and the many others that post a combination of "greetings from", and what your drinking and/or eating, I am transported to where you are in my mind and have a sense of experience with you. One of the many things I enjoy about this board.
We wanted to do a Rich Bayless restaurant while we were in Chicago, but the only one that fit in our schedule was his more casual sit down restaurant XOCO. I had a really nice braised goat torta that really hit the spot after walking around all morning. It was so good, we went to Tortas Frontera in O’Hare the next day before flying back home. There I got a simple carnitas torta that was excellent. My only complaint about both sandwiches was the bread. It was more of a fancy baguette that was too hard for a sandwich as it rips up the roof of your mouth. I much prefer the traditional Torta bread that I have had in Mexico which is more buttery soft with just a slight crunch. The fillings for the tortas are great though as was the salsa.
Qhdeputy- your most welcome! Smile

Glennk - I often stop at the Tortas spot from Bayless at Ohare since it is better than any other airport food. I often eat the salads but have had the tortas and agree with your comment.

For lunch today was Jambon Beurre made by moi on fresh French baguette, ham, prosciutto and butter out of the backpack during our 65 kilometer bike ride through the Loire valley passing many chateaux and vineyards along the way. A great day with the family. I give my 9-year old daughter props for hanging in there on the 7 hour ride, hills and all!
Started with a salad of endive and watercress with grapes, candied almonds, goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette.

Coriander and fennel crusted seared ahi with roased bell peppers and eggplant

Pork schnitzel with brussel sprout leaves and au gratin potatoes

Blueberrry and white chocolate bread pudding with creme anglaise

Dined at favorite local French restaurant in an attempt to relive some of the recent France vacation that we are so dearly missing!

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