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Today is my b-day (32!) and my wife made my favorite pesto with chicken for lunch served with a wonderful 2004 Domaine de la Vougeraie Corton-Charlegagne Le Carlemagne that she picked out for me. Lovely lunch and wine and even better company. Unfortunately I have to work the rest of the afternoon, but meeting friends tonight at a pub! Happy New Years!
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1/2 of a chicken at Prince's Hot Chicken in Nashville. Spice was Hot. My scalp is still sweating and bad things are going on in my guts but it was worth it!

Oh - I washed it down with a basket of fries and two liters of diet coke.

Thirsty "gotta love hot chicken" Man

Big Grin

If you like spicy food - you need to have lunch here when you are in town. "Hot chicken" is a Nashville tradition that deserves trying.

take a look at this link if you are curious: the link for Prince's is the one to look at first.
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Thanks for your kind words W+A. I hope to share a bottle with you soon.

Champagne from 76 sounds wonderful, I will have to look into that. The only birth year wine I have had was at the La Chapelle tasting I went to last month. Everyone figured it would be way over the hill but it showed surprising well. Cool

We will share a bottle or two I'm sure.

Do not overlook Germany, the wines from '76 can be VERY special.
Spinach stromboli at the local pizzeria. Then, spent 30 minutes walking around downtown Indy at lunchtime with my Chargers LT jersey on. NOTHING! Indy is as wimpy a football town as there is. The fans here don't not like their team, they're just so danged polite. Would have gotten a "Chargers suck!" in Pittsburgh, New England, or Miami. And, a knife attack in Oakland.

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