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As I'm on a tomato diet, I have a sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce and chicken, and tomato soup for lunch.  This nutritional plan requires the consumption of tomatoes during each meal (you can find out more about it here if interested). Tomatoes are full of nutrients and are very low in calories, fats, and carbs, as they mostly consist of water. I do hope to see a good result soon.

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@indybob posted:
I eat at lunch at home about twice in the workweek, leftovers, or an omelette or something, but otherwise, I rotate among a few local restaurants:

Club/chili from an Irish pub down the street.
Salad bar at local grocery or Whole Foods.
Sando, or Spinach Quiche from one of three local delis.
Subway 6".
Pizza/salad from a good local pizzeria.
Occasionally Personal Trainer San Diego, some bad Chinese food with co-workers who love the place.
Food from the local Wednesday farmer's market.


Hey, you asked spo. . .

I made a grilled wrap with cheese and vegetable filling and had some apple juice today.

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As I've been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I pay much more attention to the food I eat. Though I take my Canadian pharmacy meds daily (it helps me not only to lower my blood sugar level, but also to lose weight), I still need to monitor my nutrition thoroughly. It is great that I can still eat eggs. Today I slept long and missed my breakfast, so for lunch, I add hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, and fresh vegetables.

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