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I eat at lunch at home about twice in the workweek, leftovers, or an omelette or something, but otherwise, I rotate among a few local restaurants:

Club/chili from an Irish pub down the street.
Salad bar at local grocery or Whole Foods.
Sando, or Spinach Quiche from one of three local delis.
Subway 6".
Pizza/salad from a good local pizzeria.
Occasionally, some bad Chinese food with co-workers who love the place.
Food from the local Wednesday farmer's market.


Hey, you asked spo. . .
When I'm at home for lunch (about half the time as I work from home). I usually make something quick for lunch (10-15 minutes max). Most weekends I will make a batch of soup or refried beans and salsa for Huevos Rancheros and then quickly heat it up and add bits for lunch. I serve the soups with crackers, cheese, olives etc which I always have on hand. On the weekend, I like to make a batch of spicy puttanesca for lunch.

When I go out for lunch, I usually have either good italian sandwiches, pho, sushi, soups, stews or salads. Quiznos prime rib is a bit of a guilty pleasure.
Weekends are my "guilty" days.

Went for a walk around Corona queens, near the center hispanic and italian district.

Picked up some Empanadas stuffed with potatoes, peas and chicken in a spicy tomato sauce.

Cuban sandwich, thin slice of pork loin, ham, swiss cheese and pickles.

Sat in the near by park for shade and enjoyed a nice lunch. No alcohol tho as trying to keep some of the calories off.

Of course, you can't be in corona without going to the ice king of corona (which made up for the lack of alcohol calories and then some).

Great for 90+ weather.
Originally posted by spo:

But you are a vegetarian. Wink

And proud of it! <empty suit razz>. Well, I do eat seafood, which strangely, doesn't seem to disqualify one from being a vegetarian in the midwest.

Today: sauteed shrimp w/garlic, a little salt. Three farmers market peaches, handful of local strawberries, iced tea. Man, I love summertime.

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