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Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
Black Bean Soup
Stone Crab Claws
Steamed Mussels
Grouper/Shrimp Cakes with salad.

Overlooking the Ocean on a beautiful December day. Not bad.

Both the food and the view sound great.

Both wonderful although the company was even better Big Grin Too bad FKG and I both had to get back to work after lunch
In the company of two beautiful women at lunch today, I had

- Royal Miyagi oysters
- butter lettuce salad
- porcini and brie omelette with frites

And bottles of 2005 Jo Pithon Savenierres La Croix Picot and 2008 William Fevre Chablis Bougros, both of which showed very well. The restaurant sent us each a small glass of Port as well, which was just enough to ensure that I would require an afternoon nap. Smile

Biggest lunch I've had in some time; not sure how I'll be able to do justice to dinner.

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