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Had a long and relaxing lunch with on the wine, PlanoWino and PURPLE yesterday. on the wine was in town for business and could only sneak away for lunch during this trip. I had the warm goat cheese salad with balsamic and toasted pine nuts to start followed by the flat iron steak in butter garlic sauce with pommes frites. Cheese plate, espressos and digestifs to wrap things up. 5 1/2 hours later I think we had pretty much solved the world's problems. Cool
Originally posted by KSC02:
Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon

It is going to be a special meal. I talked to the owner this morning, and he said he had a nice surprise for us. Cool

Sunscreen, check, debit card, check, sunglasses, check, empty stomach, check, stunning women, (always at this place) check, and I even requested the music today. :

Viva la Vida Buena!
Don't normally have a response to this thread, but yesterday I visited my local butcher and picked up some fantastic house-made pastrami.
Brought that home and recreated a sandwich that I usually buy from a great shop nearby. (Barney's Pastrami Dip in Everett, for you locals. I highly recommend it.)

1 12" hard roll
1 lb. thin-sliced pastrami
dill pickle sliced lenghtwise
Grainy German mustard
Au jus

Simply immerse the pastrami in the hot au jus (I think the sandwichmaker uses a pork au jus, but I don't know for sure. I only had beef.) Then assemble the sandwich and re-dip the entire thing briefly in the au jus. Delicious! Big Grin
And yes, this guy usually packs a full pound into each sandwich! Big Grin
We didn't really notice much residual sugar. I would consider it a fairly rich white blend, with floral and spice notes. I have not had Conundrum other than retail tastings. The bottle did not state the grapes but I would guess Viogner and Chardonnay were part of the blend? Quite tasty and it complemented my food well. I'm working on tasting wines that are not what I normally drink, and really loving the pleasant surprises like this one. The bottle was brought to us cold, but not as cold as it would be from a refrigerator. I think the moderate temperature may have helped showcase the texture.

Still learning - and sorry for the long answer!

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