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So, after seeing U2 a few weeks ago, and last night Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams (who performed two tunes together, Cuts Like a Knife and Badlands - epic!), Kelly Clarkson (we actually enjoyed her performance) and Bachman/Turner (no Overdrive), we see Paul McCartney tomorrow and Roger Waters a week later.

Seen/seeing more top artists over 5 weeks than I've seen over the past two years!

Nice going B - that's a heck of a run!

Sir Paul did 39 songs over a little more than 3 age 75. Epic show and great venue - most comfortable stadium seating ever.
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Originally posted by Vino Bevo:
Hall & Oates, with St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Hard to tell which I enjoyed more - great show.

How were St. Paul & the Broken Stones live? I've been enjoying them this month on Spotify.

Good to hear. I thought they must be great live. On my "to see" list for sure.
Outstanding - highly recommend you catch them when you can.
The New Pornographers at the Corona Theatre on Friday night.

No Dan Bejar, no Neko Case (nothing new there) and of course no Kurt Dahle who left the band last year.

No Bejar meant they didn't play a few of my favourite songs, but they played all the other great ones. Kathryn Calder can do a very good job of handling the vocal duties of Neko Case on most songs, although they unfortunately didn't play Go Places. The new drummer is solid, but not as good as Dahle.

All said and done, another fun show from the NP's.
My wife and I at City Winery in Chicago last night saw David Crosby and Friends kicking off the Sky Trails tour. I've never really been a huge CSN fan, nor the solo stuff that each of them have done, but I enjoyed the show last night with the intimate setting and plentiful stories. My wife was bummed that he didn't do any CSN songs, but it was still enjoyable.
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Need to ask - what are the acoustics like at Qualcomm? Saw many concerts at Sports Arena and also Balboa (dates me). It's outdoor - so is it decent or does it matter?

Just WOW!!!!!! Easily the best acoustics and sound quality of any outdoor concert Ive ever been to and maybe the best including indoor venues. T dub attended the concert in Phoenix 2 days earlier and said the sound quality did not compare. In addition to their music U2 is backed by the best crew in the business. The 200 ft wide HD screen that backed their performance of the Joshua Tree album was visually breathtaking with clarity bordering on 4K tv's.

The set list was perfect starting with Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad and Pride on the remote stage which we were 20 ft from dead center on the floor. Then they return to the main stage and launch into the Joshua Tree. They took a short break before returning for a 7 song encore set that blew me away!

Miss Sarajevo - Ive been following set lists and they have only played this rarely on this tour. I was hoping to hear it for the first time ever live and was overjoyed. A very emotional song particularly with the inclusion of the Pavarotti portions included in the background.

Beautiful Day - a recent standard and crowd favorite

Elevation - just rocks

Vertigo - rocks even harder

You're the Best Thing About Me - new song and played acoustically for the first time live because Bono's wife was in attendance and he wanted to feel like he was singing it directly to her

Ultraviolet - a favorite of mine with The Edge killing it on the guitar solos

One - wrapping it up with one of their all time ballads the crowd singing along

This was the last stop on the tour and they went out with a flawless performance! I could do that everyday and be a very happy man

Very nice.

Just re-upped my membership at in the hope of getting decent seats for the San Jose, California show- NEVER been disappointed in a u2 show (with the best being Green Day/Pearl Jam and u2 at Aloha Stadium.
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Arcade Fire w. Broken Social Scene as opener @ ACC

How was the crowd? Apparently they've been playing to a lot of empty seats on this tour.

I saw that article as well. The crowd was really good the night we went and there was a lot of interaction with the band. Mrs. VeV said it didn't feel like a concert - it felt like they threw a party and happened to invite a few thousand people.
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Going to see Andrea Bocelli again tonight at the United Center.

My parents just saw him Friday night in Cleveland, they said it was incredibly moving show. Enjoy

It was a great show. Andrea was in fine voice last night. Guest artists last night included Heather Headley and Larisa Martinez, who were both excellent.
Went to see The Weather Station on Wednesday night at Le Divan Orange.

Very good band from Toronto, although band might be generous. Primarily the singer songwriter Tamara Lindeman who wears her influences on her sleeve. Her singing style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and she mentioned Neil Young at one point between songs.

I bought their latest album after the show...on vinyl of course.
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Billy Joel for NYE at the BB&T Center in Fort Lauderdale.

How was this show?

It was nice! He pulled out some deep tracks so the setlist was different than both our 2014 and 2016 shows where we saw him. Wouldn't have gone to see him again if it wasn't a NYE thing, so very glad I chose this show over the upcoming Tampa show in February.
Very cool (to me at least): a friend of mine (and singer in the last band I was in) just got the gig as the new singer in Chicago.

It was a long road for him to get there. He had been singing in a Chicago tribute band called Brass Transit, and he was almost hired as Chicago's singer two years ago. He was so sure he had the gig, he quit the tribute band. But then Chicago went with Jeff Coffey instead. My friend has done a number of guests spots with the band over the past two years and yesterday they announced that Coffey was leaving and Neil would be the new tenor lead (doing the Cetera stuff).

Here's one of his guest appearances with Chicago:
For the guitarists among us, I caught the latest G3 tour a few days ago. Performers included Joe Satriani, John Petrucci (of Dream Theater) and Phil Collen who is 1/2 of the guitar duo in Def Leppard. Satriani and Petrucci were their amazing selves but Phil Collen really surprised me with his playing of the blues. A strong recommendation of you can catch one of these shows.
Went to see Nap Eyes last night at Casa Del Popolo. Good show from Halifax's finest (now that Sloan are Toronto based).

First time I've been to that tiny venue although I have been to their sister club La Sala Rossa a few times. I'm considering going to see Jonathan Richman at LSR tonight, but we probably wouldn't be the oldest people at that show.

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