Last night: Bruce Hornsby and The Noise Makers

What an absolutely enjoyable show. Just plain fun. Entertaining show, fantastic songs, phenomenal music quality at the Pagent. Besides Steely Dan, Bruce Hornsby's bands are the tightest that I have every seen/heard in concert.
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Dave Matthews has always been one of my favourite live bands. I just wish they made it over to Europe every now and then...

Good News!!

The Dave Matthews Band is playing In Europe this spring, including two shows in Munich!

....and for what its worth, they did 12 nights in europe last june-july.

Thanks for the tip! Just bought 2 tix. They're playing in a small venue, which will be awesome. I just saw the Tragically Hip in Amsterdam on Friday, also in a small venue (Paradiso). It was probably the best concert I've ever been too - so much better than the large stadium shows.
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Saw the 4 hour special on HBO of 10/29 & 10/30 Rock & Roll hall of fame concert. Great cast and nice thing isthey played out folks songs with a new twist.
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Scott Kirby last week - not sure they are concerts, more shows but whatever.

Probably passing on Phish when they hit Miami in the end of December.
Had an opportunity to hear Lang Lang play a private concert for about 60 people at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. That was mind-bogglingly good. A few days later saw Huey Lewis & the News at Staples Center...meh. Next weekend going to The Brian Setzer Orchestra's Christmas Extravaganza at Universal City. Really looking forward to that one!
3 nights of Dave Mathews and Timm Reynolds acoustic at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. We had orchestra seating. Phenomenal Concerts!!!!
Rush is gearing up for a tour this spring/summer rumored to begin in South America and then come through the US and Canada. Can't wait for that one!
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3 nights of Dave Mathews and Timm Reynolds acoustic at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. We had orchestra seating. Phenomenal Concerts!!!!

That's sweet!
Saturday - we went to the Habitat for Humanity Concert at Lazy Lakes on Sugarloaf Key - Very cold for us wussies - but good time.

Chris Cook
Cowboy Troy (yuck)
Howard Livingston
Mac McAnally
Jerry Jelf Walker -

We met all of the acts - when MLV was working her magic (and I just wanted to spend a couple minutes indoors).

$30 - a ticket - and included all the beer you could drink. Not bad.
Jersey Boys, at the Memphis Orpheum.

The traveling company for "Jersey Boys" (the story of the Four Seasons singing group from the 1960s & 70s) was in Memphis for about three weeks and had their final show last night. I saw the production twice during their stay, and I think the show was outstanding. The music was excellent, and especially if you're into the "oldies" music, but the pace of this show, together with the story-line, makes this show a "must-see" for people of all ages.

I would highly recommend "Jersey Boys"!
None so far this year, but 3 Phish shows this past fall. Also going to Michael Buble late march with my wife and to Taylor Swift with my 5 yr old daughter a few days later.
Ordered tickets last week for Slayer/Megadeth later this year. Thought I'd throw one in a little different than most acts on the thread!

According to the Mrs. we are going to see Muse in a week or so. I hope it's a good show, they are one of the few newer bands that I've felt worthy of my hard earned cd dollars.
Went to see Peter Gabriel at Radio City last weekend. Was very much looking forward to this concert as he was playing with a forty plus piece orchestra. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The orchestra was excellent, his voice was in good form, but he just didn't play enough of his best songs for my taste (wasn't looking for the 'hits' either) and I felt many of the song arrangements were lacking. Overall, I'd give the show an 85 on the 100 point concert scale.
Saw Michael Buble April 3rd in Seattle, with my wife and daughter. I had purchased seats on the floor, very near the stage. Buble and his band were fantastic, as usual, but I doubt I'll ever see another concert in Key Arena no matter who's playing. The place just wasn't made for acoustics. I think the last concert I saw there was Elton John, around 1980.

High point: Michael's stories about his hometown Burnaby, B.C./Seattle connections, and introducing several of his family members in the audience who came down for the show. Also having him stroll within arms length of me midway through the show. The guy has guts; there are a lot of CRAZY women in that audience.

Low Point: The group of extremely drunken and belligerent Canadian women seated directly behind us, who purposefully screamed and wailed in our ears for half of the concert. My daughter, who has a slight hearing problem, asked them politely to stop. That only encouraged one to lean right into her good ear and scream louder. They finally cooled down a bit after security talked with them. Had it gone on any longer, I'm sure we would have all been kicked out, or worse. I counted my blessings that at least they did not spill their drinks or puke on us. I mean, come on; this isn't Metallica or AC/DC we're banging to.

Other than that, it was a great concert.
Neil Young last night. I have been wanting to see him in concert most of my adult life and finally got the opportunity. A very good evening. He played on about 6 guitars, 3 pianos and a harmonica or two. And that haunting voice. What a great song writer and talented musician.
Seeing my old employer (indirectly Wink) George Thorogood this Saturday, in the National Arts Centre, which is a concert hall, which seems wrong somehow. Should be in a small seedy bar, no? Confused

Then in July, Simon and Garfunkel.

Missed Taylor Swift last week..... Roll Eyes
May 10, The Eagles.

Not a lot of bands can do 3+ hours of greatest hits (except for 3-4 new songs), but these guys had everyone up and singing along to almost every number. And while their harmony is still great, maybe they don't hit some of the notes that they used to. On the other hand, Joe Walsh still plays his guitar as well as he ever has, and produces some great riffs. Totally outstanding sound system as well (in fact, probably the best I've ever heard, no distortion at all).
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Seeing my old employer (indirectly Wink) George Thorogood this Saturday, in the National Arts Centre, which is a concert hall, which seems wrong somehow. Should be in a small seedy bar, no? Confused

Like the Stone Balloon in Newark, DE? Wink
Went and checked out ALO for the first time at a really small venue, great time! Heading out to CA. for the High Sierra Music Fest 4th of July weekend as well. Exciting!!
My daughter informed me yesterday that since she's seen Michael Buble twice now, I don't have to buy tickets the next time around. (His engagement to an Argentine actress may have had something to do with that.)
"But if Pink or Maroon 5 should come to town..." Roll Eyes

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