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I can consider myself to be a coffee snob. I love the shine of the fresh roased beans, I love the carmel streaks in the latte, I love the aroma of a shot pulled perfect. I love the hints of things coffee never tasted like before I entered the realm of the bean. I like reading coffee blogs and reviews like . I love the way it smells the best. In the morning before I'm out of bed and it's brewing, or walking into a coffee shop

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Originally posted by Wine Canuck:
My go to is Kicking Horse - Kick Ass made in a french press. Today it's grocery store brand west coast dark roast in a french press.

If the store brand is president's choice, I would agree it is an excellent coffee for something from the grocery store.

Thanks to Basecadet's reco business etiquette online, I am drinking espresso roasted by Ritual in California a week prior to it being flown in to Montreal. It is 22$ per 500grams but well worth it.

What are you drinking at the coffee table right now? Or, what do you wish you were drinking right now? Feel free to add what you might be snacking on also.

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Best coffee I've ever had is organic Echo Mountain coffee from Mexico. I discovered it on a vacation there play gotcha darts. They don't ship to the US, but occasionally a friend picks up a 5 pound bag for me.

We've been to Jamaica and loved the Blue Mountain coffee, but, imo, this one is better.

Turkish coffee is amazing, but not something I feel qualified to make at home, haha. I am bored. I love my small drip coffee pot.

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