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Originally posted by Gigond Ass:
Very fresh Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a local coffee roaster.

GA, I am partial to the coffees of eastern Africa and I find the typical citrus notes play well against baked goods as a pairing.

Originally posted by Mimik:
Originally posted by Wine Canuck:
Today it's grocery store brand west coast dark roast in a french press.

If the store brand is president's choice, I would agree it is an excellent coffee for something from the grocery store.

Yes it is, and it's not bad value at all especially when the 2lb bag is on sale for $12.99. Tastes great when freshly burr ground and french pressed.

Originally posted by kingofcool:
What's a good, affordable burr grinder?

I use a Cuisinart and it does a good job for about $50.

Originally posted by bman:
Ummm, Guatemalan Roll Eyes

I have a friend who has said the same and is working on importing some to Ontario. What is the nature of your business in Guatemala?

Today is Starbucks Christmas blend. I really like it this year, reminiscent of my favourite; French Roast.
Originally posted by khmark7:
Picked up a coffee maker with a built-in burr grinder and love the new brew! Been buying coffee from some local shops that roast their own beans and trying some Central American beans (other than Colombia).

Curious as to which shops and what your favorites are, if you don't mind sharing. Medium-bold is what I'd be interested in. Four Beans or Arcedium?
I'm a big fan of east African and Yemeni coffee and roast my own (in a mini-roaster). Unroasted beans, properly stored, can keep a long time, so I can have a selection and switch types each batch. I roast about once a week.

Favorites include Bugisu Sipi, Harrar, Yirgacheffe, Mokka.

I'm happy with my Capresso burr grinder.

Here's an excellent site for roasted beans and many other culinary goodies:

A great site for green beans and roasting info: (And they have a few roasted beans available at any time, plus a roasted beans of the week subscription option. Haven't tried either.)
In my Keurig, Roger's San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser and Rain Forest Blend One-cups, simply becuase I support their attempt to break the K-Cup monopoly that Keurig/Green Mountain has on coffee products for the Keurig brewer.

For my Senseo and Krups Home Cafe machines I make my own coffee pods. Currently I have Tully's French roast pods made up and a few Ambience Italian roast pods in the bottom of the jar from last week.

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