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Originally posted by mdsphoto:
Peet's Arabian Mocha Java.

I love this coffee. The Peet's near my house recently closed, unfortunately, but they always had at least 10 different freshly-roasted coffees available, and this was one of my favorite. I miss that place. I still buy their ground stuff in the grocery store when the alternatives are convenient.
So I got myself educated about coffee as well as espresso equipment.

Many hundreds of dollars later (but still less than a case of a good Barolo), a fabulous espresso maker arrived at my doorstep and off I went making espresso.

I now decided that the favorite coffees of mine are, in no particular order:

Counter culture forty six
Intelligentsia black cat espresso blend
Stumptown Ethiopian single origin that "y" word i can't type after some glasses of Unum can franc tonight.

I have to get me a better grinder I think but that's on the list for when I decide it's a lifestyle change not a passing obsession. Should be next week I think.

Anyone have ideas or suggestions about their favorite grinder and espresso maker?

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