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Originally posted by Dr. Hannibal Lecter:
Gotta go to the neurosurgeon tomorrow for the follow up on my surgery. There is a Starbucks outside the clinic. Going to try one of those overpriced Flat White Expressos. Make me feel like such a trendy hipster!

It amuses, but mostly annoys, me that Starbucks can make a big fuss over a flat white! Amazing. Anywhere else in the world, a flat white is ordinary.
There's a tiny coffee shop that my wife heard good things about in Melbourne, and we hunted it down today: Patricia.

It's set back in a lane way, invisible from any street, and only the fact that there were some people standing incongruously in the lane allowed us to find it. No seating, a short standing bar, and even between coffee break and lunch time, there was a line-up. When we got inside, the coffee menu consisted of two different coffees which would be ground to order (some Ethiopian mumbo-jumbo, which we both ordered, and I forget the other one), served as espresso or drip filter, black or with milk. That's it. No latte, no cappuccino, no frappe, no nothing. Who do these people think they are??

Turns out, they're incredibly good coffee makers. The coffee was dark, rich, very flavourful, very satisfying. It's the best coffee my wife or I have had in weeks, though truthfully I think some of the good roasters in North America, like Stumptown for example, produce an equivalent quality product. In any event, it was worth the hunt and worth the wait.

And the pastries-- again, a very small selection, but exquisitely made-- were really good too, a little passion fruit muffin-ish thing for me, and a chocolate bun for she.

Really interesting to see such a tiny, no-frills minimalist place doing so exceptionally well based solely on providing a little bit of excellence.
Duane Harens Old Tree Estate Kona
--fantastic coffee at ~50% or more less than the cost of typical Kona

Duane runs a solo operation and charges ~$20 per pound for his coffee and it's the best Kona I've had. For those of you who have been to the Big Island (and I think there may be an outpost of this restaurant on maui now as well), this is one of only 3 coffees served at Merriman's and for good reason
Originally posted by PD2K:
Originally posted by Maverick:
Americans Love K-Cups, but Their Creator Regrets Inventing Them

Keurig was John Sylvan's brainchild, but he doesn't even use the environmentally disastrous coffee pods.

Could be because he sold for $50k...seller's remorse?

sounds like it, considering he's still trying to pitch his more environmentally friendly k-cup to the big companies.

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