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Originally posted by BRR:
Ground and made my first pot of Peet's Major Dickason's Blend. I like it quite a bit - it's got a nice smoky note, and it's much "cleaner" than the Starbucks Yukon blend that I just finished. It almost tastes "muddy" in comparison. Thanks, PH! Cool

Glad you liked it.

I'm working on a bag of Starbucks Columbian. Meh....

They opened another Peet’s close to my work recently. Not as convenient as the 3 starbucks near my office, but worth the extra 5 mins for a good cup of joe in the morning.

As much as I don’t like their product, you have to hand it to Starbucks for weaving themselves into our everyday life. My wife made the comment again the other day “I know it’s getting close to Christmas because I’m seeing more starbucks red cups out and about”. Living in SoCal the weather doesn’t really tell you its winter. We need red cups to let us know the holidays are near. Big Grin
Starbucks Sumatra, with beans ground fresh at home. I opened a new bag this morning. Man, what an awesome smell!

Two Brothers Brewing near my home just started roasting their own coffee in the last week or so. I had a sample of their Brewhouse blend yesterday and it was very nice. Medium-dark roast, full bodied aromas, and just a hint of sweetness/nuttiness. The bags for sale in their brewer's supply shop have roast dates just 1-2 days old. I'll be picking up some of this soon to make at home. Side note - I might be too much of a regular there. If I have a second beer with a meal, it's left off the bill more often than not. Cool

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