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Originally posted by g-man:
What do you guys feel about 80 proof rye/bourbon in drinks.

i've been goign to a few cocktails bars and the ones that pick the house rye/bourbon typically are at 80 proof.

but when drunk they all taste a bit watery /flat.

just me drinking too much?

I'm not too familiar with any 80 proof rye. I would skip the 80 and go for +90 proof. Hell all Non-Distiller Producer rye sourced from MGP (Bulleit, Dickel, Templeton, etc.) are pretty decent mixers and 90 proof. My go-to mixing rye is Rittenhouse 100. Sazerac and Wild Turkey 101 round up the top three.

As for Bourbon, Four Roses Yellow is probably the only 80 proof Bourbon I would use as a mixer (in a pinch). Most of the Bourbons I drink are +90 proof.

But you are correct...IMHO 80 proof is way too weak.
Originally posted by Mezzo Litro:
I don't know the official name of this drink but it has been my 'go to' summer cocktail. Very refreshing and a great starter to any summer time bbq.

St. Germain and Prosecco: Glass filled with ice; 1 1/2 ozs. St. Germain elderflower liqueur; 1 1/2 ozs. Prosecco; 2 ozs. club soda. A few fresh berries (blue-, straw-, rasp-, black-).

i believe they call it tart fuel in london
Originally posted by VinCentric:
Originally posted by JDWest:
Originally posted by VinCentric:
Hot and humid here. Tanqueray Gin & Tonics quenching the thirst!

Well done VinC. Posted at 12:15pm and plural. Sounds like a happy Labour Day weekend at the cottage!

Excellent J.D. Hope and trust you're enjoying the same!

Yep. Hot and humid and in the lake all day!
Originally posted by GlennK:
Originally posted by PD2K:
Last night plenty of 30 day barred aged Negronis and Manhattans...yum Smile
Where did you get the barrel? I have been wanting to try this.

I bought them off Amazon CLICKY . I got the 3 liter size. I'm aging my next batch for 45 days. I highly recommend aging the following cocktails:

El Presidente
Manhattan - used Knob Creek Rye whiskey. First time to have a Manhattan, definitely a serious drink. The whiskey is very forward on the taste, but the sweet vermouth smooths out the drink somewhat. Used a generic maraschino cherry as a garnish, not sure it impacted the flavor of the drink that much. Would a higher dollar cherry have made an impact or would adding a bit of the syrup have an impact?

I made the drink by chilling the glass and mixing and stirring the ingredients in a stainless steel cup. I was a little slow on drinking it so I added an ice cube to it after a few minutes to keep it cold.

I enjoyed the drink and would have it again, probably if I am interested in an alcohol forward drink. To me this is a pre-dinner drink or maybe during a party.

I am planning on trying a different cocktail at least once a week. I will post my thoughts on each drink. Next up is probably a whiskey sour.
Originally posted by thelostverse:
Originally posted by WinoCA:
There's also a ton of different types of flavored bitters outside of Angostura.

My go to bitters of late are Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters.

I normally only have these three in the house:

Angostura Bitters
Angostura Orange Bitters
Peychaud Bitters
Employees Only Manhattan - quite a bit different than standard Manhattan. 1.5 oz rye whiskey, 1.75 oz sweet vermouth, 0.5 oz of Grand Marnier.

Definitely smoother than standard Manhattan with the whiskey taste moving more to the background. If you are wanting a more forward whiskey cocktail, stick with the standard, if you want a more subdued, less whiskey forward cocktail, try the Employees Only Manhattan, as it is pretty good too.

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