Going to a tasting this W/E of southern rhones. From what I've read I should go with a hard cheese for a match, but was wondering if anyone could give any specific pairings based on experience.

Wines are 00 Lesec Vacqueryas and 98 Guigal CDP if that helps. (my contribs anyway)

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Gruuuuunhauser, where are you?

It's tough to screw up a red wine a cheese pairing, but I've enjoyed several high-quality parmesean or reggianos with Rhones. I like the saltiness with the beefy, dark red fruit aspects of Rhones. Just my $.02.

Manchego would work for me if you don't want the salt and a bit softer than the Italians mentioned above. Works well with grenache-based Spanish wines so should translate across the Pyrenees fairly decently. Also, I almost always have manchego with quince paste.
Thanks to both of you.
Maybe I'll go with the Manchego as Parm has been kind of a fixture at our monthly tastings.

Be sure to post notes on the wines as well as what cheeses you selected and how they worked out!

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