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Originally posted by irwin:
I am looking at a 2017subaru legacy. It's the 2.5i limited. Comments?

I bought a 2015 Legacy for my son to drive to school. I wanted the version with the "EyeSight" auto-braking system (I think that is what it is called), as well as all the other safety features. I could get all the newest safety features on a Subaru for a lot less than a Mazda, Toyota or Honda.

It's a nice car. Subarus don't seem to be popular in South Florida, but I saw a ton of them in the mountains of N.C. The four-wheel drive is a nice touch, and the gas millage doesn't suffer.

One thing I noticed is that the car is not as "smooth" as the competitors. The pedals are pretty sensitive.

But overall I have been impressed, and am pleased with the car.
Originally posted by Bytown Rick:
Originally posted by Board-O:
I'm leaning toward the V.

Car and Driver rank in Premium Sports Sedans:

1. Cadillac CTS-V Big Grin
2. Audi S6
3. Lexus GS F
4. Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4MATIC
5. BMW M5
6. Maserati Ghibli

Just got #1. It's a beauty in radiant silver and it has options I don't really need, but Cadillac only makes 1400 a year, so I took this one. Polished wheels, Recaro seats, carbon fiber option, painted rotors, car cover (which will sit in its box in my garage for the three years I have the car, track recorder, etc. I would have gotten the Nissan GT-R, but Nissan wanted $24,000 more over the course of a three year lease for a car with a sticker price $10,000 more than the one I got.

I love the car. My complaint with my 2014, which had 556 HP as opposed to the 640 HP in the new one, was that the engine was too quiet. This one sings to me.
Bought the legacy. Glad I'm in good company with Rothko. Lots of bells and whistles one of which is incomprehensively stupid, -at least to me. You can use the shifter to switch to manual. Then there are stupid paddles near the wheel to increase or decrease the gear. Dumb. I'm sure no one uses these. Other useless thing for me is standard on most all cars these control. In an urban environment, pretty useless. But the safety features are pretty good. Will donate the Prius to charity
Originally posted by Vino Bevo:
It's looking more and more like Audi will be buying back my Q7 TDI soon, and I'm starting to think about what to look at as a replacement. At 6'5" I need an SUV, preferably with a third row. Anyone have a passionate opinion about theirs, regardless of make/model?

If you want to stay diesel then look at the MB GLS. But if I was buying a new SUV right now it would be hard not to get a Volvo XC90.

The T8 gives you 400hp/470ft.lbs and 54 mpg in a beautiful truck with fantastic interior and 7 seats.

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