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Jack Russell London Porter and Jack Russell Irish Red Ale... Unbelievably rich and creamy. Neither are the least bit hoppie (sp?).

I've had the Jack Russell Brown Ale in the past and really liked it as well.

Because Jack Russell beers / ales are hard to find retail, I always try to stock up whenever I am in close proximity to their facility.

Jack Russell Brewing is located in Camino, California.
Originally posted by vinosnob:
Sat. night at my friends going away party we had a Struis Cuvee Delphine, which is Black Albert(beer cousin of Fat Big Grin)aged in Four Roses Bourbon Brls, '04 Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek and a 3L of Triple Karmeliet.

2 quick questions:
1. How did you like the Lou Pepe kriek?
2. Have you had the regular Lou Pepe gueuze? I have a bottle waiting for me, but I have yet to pick it up, and have never tried it. TIA. Smile

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