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[QUOTE]Originally posted by TBird:
not really. the midas touch never really impressed me like i was hoping it would, it's just a bit too sweet for me.
i absolutely adore theobroma tho. while it hints at the midas touch sweetness(maybe this is what you've focused on?), the balance is not really comparable, imo.


I think it is the honey. Have a Sah'tea on deck for the near future. At the very least Dogfish is very interesting stuff and fun to drink.

Tonight! Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca. I love Jolly Pumpkin.
Dogfish Head Sah'tea

These guys know how to make beer fun, especially for geeks. An old Finnish recipe, taste like a Belgian white beer spiked with tea to me. Wink But still unique. The additives are NOT subtle, but they are well integrated.

It is hot in EC, the idea of red or white wine is like torture right now but beer is just right. That explains my atavism.

Also some Green Flash Hop Head Red. Also a winner and prefer it to their IPA. That red ale balances out the hops.
Originally posted by flop:
Southern Tier - Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Can't recommend this one. WAAAAY over the top on the nutmeg.

The only pumpkin beer for me is Schlafly Pumpkin Ale.

I give honorable mention to Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Also Blue Moon Harvest Moon and Shipyard Pumpkin head are decent, but I'm all about the Schlafly.

Speaking of Southern Tier, I had their Creme Brulee stout not too long ago, I found it very enjoyable.
Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by Bigfoot003:

Hertog Jan
Brugse Zot
Brugse Zot Double
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel


Why thank you Sir! And now on to today/tonight's beers:

Locally brewed: Huisbeer Gamrivinus Brown
Malhuer Blonde
Locally brewed: Dyver Blonde
Prior Tongerlo 9
Duchesse de Bourgogne
Liedmans Cuvee Brute
Originally posted by Seaquam:
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
From Quebec:

La Fin du Monde
La Vache Folle

Wonderful, both of them...... Wish we'd grabbed a bunch more.


I think those are great beers as well. Pretty rich and full-flavoured. Once in while I have one instead of wine with red meat.

Le Fin du Monde is pretty high octane and doesn't hide it very well imo. Ditto for its sister, La Maudite.
  • 2010 Great Divide Brewing Co. Malt Smoked Baltic Porter - USA, Colorado (11/15/2010)
    -- tasted non-blind over 1.5 hours from Saison Dupont taster glass --
    -- from 620mL bottle finished with crown cap --

    N: roasted Nose; dark-roasted coffee beans; smells amazingly similar to the Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast; expressive, but not incredibly intense.

    B: black with a quickly-dissipating foamy head; medium bodied – proper Porter weight.

    T: very happy that this doesn’t taste like pure alcohol, like so many real Baltic porters do; this has “smoked Bamburg malt,” but if I tasted this blind I’d be hard-pressed to guess “smoked” – I might lean more towards a lean Stout; a touch of salinity; hint of sweet bourbon essence (as opposed to bourbon booziness); 6.2% abv.; bottled on 9/9/10.

  • N.V. Mikkeller Malt Rauch Geek Breakfast - Norway, Grimstad (11/14/2010)
    -- popped and poured –
    -- tasted non-blind over 90 minutes –

    NOSE: slightly smoked coffee chocolate malt Nose; expressive

    BODY: pours sludgy, with a long-lasting chocolate malt head; pitch black; medium-full bodied – actually, it’s considerably lighter on the palate than the motor oil viscosity I was expecting.

    TASTE: this practically tastes like coffee-beer; in actuality, it’s a smoked oatmeal stout; very roasted on the palate with some cement on the finish; the smoke comes through only a very little bit --- this is nothing like the famed Schenkerla brews; there’s really nothing elegant about this 7.5% abv. beer, so don’t bother with it if that’s what you’re looking for. So, do I like this beer? Yes. Do I think it’s worth it’s $10 for 17oz? No. Would I drink it if somebody offered it to me? Happily.

  • N.V. Port Brewing Malt Old Viscosity - USA, California, South Coast, San Diego County (10/7/2010)
    -- popped and poured from a 22oz. --
    -- tasted non-blind over 3 hours --
    -- dark ale aged in oak barrels --

    NOSE: bourbon-chocolate; outmeal stout; some oyster/marine sea smell.

    BODY: pitch black; practically no head, even with a straight hard pour from about a foot above; sludgy thick – this stuff literally coats the side of your glass with a molasses-like look; full bodied.

    TASTE: gentle bourboness – no surprise considering this clocks in at 10% abv. – I was surprised, however, to find out that this is aged in oak, not bourbon, barrels — I’ve never tasted so much bourbon on a beer that didn’t see some time in used bourbon barrels; decent chocolate bitterness; some cement-like minerality. Really tasty stuff, but the 10% is dangerous. Also very good over vanilla ice cream.


  • 2005 Cantillon brewery "Lou Pepe" Kriek Gueuze - Belgium, Flanders, Brussels (11/1/2010)
    – popped and poured –
    – tasted non-blind over a couple hours –
    – crown-cap and cork closure –
    – bottled on August 22, 2007 –

    NOSE: loads of lactic sourness; raspberry and cherry; some old oak barrel; moderately expressive to expressive.

    BODY: hazy raspberry/strawberry color with slight orange at edges; almost no head – just a very small amount of fine-bubbled foam at the edges; medium-light bodied.

    TASTE: incredibly sour; cherry pie; quite delicious; not for those who don’t like extreme sourness; doesn’t taste like it’s fading; not funky; fresh; no noticeable alcohol; whomever says not to age these fruited lambics is crazy – I bet this would be silly-good with another 5 to 10 years of age on it. This beer was made using two years-old lambic beers that were aged in used Bordeaux barrels; additionally, 300 grams of cherries per liter were soaked in barrels from Bordeaux; interestingly, raspberry is listed as an ingredient, so I suppose this is technically a kriek/framboise.

    B: 50, 5, 13, 18, 8 = 94

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Originally posted by indybob:
Originally posted by kingofcool:
Never done the rauchbier thing. Might be too much for me. Thought about smoking my own grain and brewing some.

Smoking my own grain and brewing some???

That sounds, well, kinda dirty. Big Grin

Man that sounds bad.

I'm a big fan of coffee beers on a saturday morning. Often times before I go fly fishing I'll crack one while I get ready. Nice way to loosen the cobwebs from the night before.
Originally posted by Bob H:
Just picked up a 22 oz of Trader Joe's Vintage Ale. Says it was brewed by Unibroue of Quebec.

Very black, lots of foam, a Belgian Strong Dark style. Best part? $5!

I bought one also, I saw Purplehaze and KSCO2 talking about Unibroue and figured what better way to sample that brewery than for $5.oo?
Originally posted by Brashley:
Originally posted by billhike:
A $40 bottle (!) of a Belgian dark "Brut" beer last night - on someone's expense account. Really damn tasty, I think Flanders may be the producer.

My guess is that it was this beer:

I believe Deus was part of the name, and it did have a Champagne-style cork and foil. Label was darker, though. Damn it was good!
Love IPAs. One of my recent readily available favorite is the Hercules Double IPA by Great Divide Brewing company (mentioned earlier). What a great double IPA.
I'll have a Trappist Roquefort 10 on occasion too. It's great to see so many GREAT beers available these days, whether it's online or at the store. Whole Foods has a very god selection of IPA and good 'ol Belgian beers.
Originally posted by kingofcool:
Would love to try pliny one day.

Yo King, had the same desire and ended up tasting one at a tavern with a friend, nice stuff fo sho... Just an, fyi... K and L sells it but I think you need to live in Cali to buy it for some reason.. they get it in small lots and it goes pretty quickly.

Cheers and good luck with finding it.

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