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Widmer 'Drifter' Pale Ale
Terminal Gravity IPA

The Widmer probably my current favorite widely-available beer right now. I haven't had anything from them that I didn't at least find to be decent (as opposed to some other macro-esque beers from this region like Full Sail, Red Hook, Pyramid).

I was only so-so on the Terminal Gravity brew, but I did learn about a city called Enterprise, OR.
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Originally posted by theweb:
Haven't had a beer since April 15 - lost 20lbs since then Smile just wine a couple time a week, not eating past 8pm, no late night pub chicken wing and multiple pint binges, no starches and Mr Treadmill is my friend. Never felt better!! Although now that the warm weather is here a cold one is looking mighty good!

Good for you! I think that's terrific.
Boundary Bay ESB
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid IPA

I findally found a place in Seattle that sells bottles of Boundary Bay (Bottleworks in Wallingford)! The ESB is awesome (well balanced, refreshing), as is nearly everything from them. The Hop Stoopid was also pretty good - nice balance of bright hoppiness and an almost orange-tinged citrus note.
Originally posted by Rothko:
Not a single Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Coors, etc... on this thread.

Does no one drink these mass-produced beers, or is everyone just too embarrassed to admit it?

Grain Belt Nordeast Amber - bottled by Schell Brewery south of the Twin Cities. A great summer sipper that's so hard to find outside of the Nordeast (North Minneapolis) that it's ridiculous. Had a beautiful keg of the stuff at a party here last weekend.
Originally posted by billhike:
I've still never had the Pere Jacques or Matilda. Heading into Chicago for a concert Friday and we were already planing to head to G.I. before dinner. If these are on tap, time to give 'em a try!

Belgian style, if that's your thing. I don't always go for it, but it's a break from typical Microbrew hoppyness. I'll get slammed, but I prefer these two from Goose Island over Chimay.

Enjoy the show.
The show was last night, but thanks much for the offer. MD played extremely tight as a unit, it was impressive. I assume you are talking about Chris Broderick? Mustaine let him take a healthy share of the solos, but both of them were shredding.

After the show I saw Alex Skolnick from Testament in the parking garage talking to a couple of people. I told him I was glad he was back with the band and he seemed to appreciate the comment.

Just to be back on topic....drinking a Smithwick's right now.
I have never been much of a beer drinker. That of course all changed in June when I spent 10 days visiting Ireland.

Disappointment with the pubs and the cost of a pint but none the less you have not experienced delight until you have sipped on a pint of Guiness overlooking say the CLiffs of Moher or walking along the coastal town of Kinsail.

Guiness in North America is OK but it certianly tastes different in the Emerald Isle.
not really. the midas touch never really impressed me like i was hoping it would, it's just a bit too sweet for me.
i absolutely adore theobroma tho. while it hints at the midas touch sweetness(maybe this is what you've focused on?), the balance is not really comparable, imo.

Originally posted by spo:
Tbird, you drink a lot of Dogfish Head, do you see the Theobroma being that different than the Midas Touch?

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