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Furthermore Knot Stock (Pale w/Peppercorn)
Hair of the Dog Adam batch 70 (delicious stuff)
Dark Horse Tres (Blueberry Stout)

You don't strike me as the blueberry flavored beer type Russ. Now, the pale with peppercorn sounds intriguing.
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Lately, I've been smitten by Flying Dog - Raging Bitch. Delicious, and a wonderful pairing with a Gloria Cubana Serie R #5.

Cool Thanks again, PH, for bringing this up with you! I LOVED this beer!
This is one seriously good beer. Fantastic on its own or paired with spicy food.
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Harpoon IPA

also having this one

as well as:
Boulder Brewing's "Mojo" IPA
Bell's Amber Ale

and some Budweiser and Yeungling while on the golf course this afternoon

No bacon beer? Cool

it's been awhile ... i'm overdue for one of those Big Grin

One of my buddies went to this and said it was really good!

tbird here on schlieckers comp, we are starting sixpoints rightous rye, sixpoints bengali tiger, dogfish head 60 min ipa, dogfish head raison d'whatever(!), brooklyn brewery cookie stout, and for f's sake i found more theobrama on the way here. i win! Razz Razz

good times! Smile
Cookie Stout? Never seen that. How is it?

I'm not a big beer fan, but Brooklyn is probably my favorite (non-micro) brewery. I remember the good old days when I had to wait till I went to NYC to get my fix.

edit: And I'm assuming you mean the Cookie Jar Porter?
pre game:

Terrapin Depth Charge (Espresso Milk Stout)
Stone Collaboration (Ken Schmidt/Maui/Stone-(Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter)
Deshutes Abyss
Midnight Sun Artic Rhino Coffee Porter

game time:

Boulevard Saison w/Brett
Allagash Fluxus
Bells Two Hearted
New Glarus Imperial Saison

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