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over the weekend:

New Belgium - "Bierre de Mars" -- good, a bit on the sweet side for me
New Belgium - "Le Fleur, Misseur" -- omfg!! I love this beer!!! Reminded me a lot of Duvel Green

Bear Republic - Racer 5 IPA -- still one of my favorite IPA's
Firestone - Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale
Lagunitas - Maximus IPA

Cantillon - 2006 "Lou Pepe" Gueuze ... extremely rare bottling from this heralded producer. Compared to other high-quality gueuzes, this wasn't worth the $30 tariff ... that said, it is inherently worth the $30, imo.
Eel River - Climax Noel Imperial Red Ale
Anchor - Our Special Ale 2009
Brouwerij - Corsendonk Christmas Ale
Great Lakes Brewing - Christmas Ale
Brouwerij - Petrus Winterbier (this was awful)
Ridgeway Brewing - Criminally Bad Elf
Three Floyds - Alpha Klaus Xmas Porter
Brouwerij - St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

All of the above were generally excellent with the exception of the Petrus Winterbier.
Originally posted by thelostverse:

All of the above were generally excellent with the exception of the Petrus Winterbier.

wow ... this is quite the surprise (which I suppose it was for you, too). I'm generally impressed with Petrus' bottlings ... now I know not to try this one. Their oak-aged brown ale is fantastic ("Oud Bruin" ... or something like that ... good stuff!).
Had the Sierra Nevada trifecta last night.

1. Pale Ale
2. Torpedo
3. Celebration

Wow, these are all good stuff. The regular has always been a go-to beer for me. The Torpedo just steps up the hoppy intensity and the Celebration is a great new find. I am not sure if that is new this year or just this holiday season is the first that I have seen it, but it is crisp, seems lighter but is very much a pale ale in the Sierra Nevada style and is one of my favorite "new beers" that I have discovered in a while.

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Harpoon IPA

also having this one

as well as:
Boulder Brewing's "Mojo" IPA
Bell's Amber Ale

and some Budweiser and Yeungling while on the golf course this afternoon

No bacon beer? Cool

it's been awhile ... i'm overdue for one of those Big Grin
in the last week or so, while in Minny:

Barley John's - Amber Ale (little brewpub in Roseville, MN that's making some of the best beer in the world.)
Summit - IPA
Bell's - Two Hearted Ale
Bell's - Amber Ale
James Page - Amber Lager
Reinaert - Flemish Wild Ale Special Reserve
Summit - Extra Pale Ale
"Black and Blue" - half Guiness, half Blue Moon
Dale's - Pale Ale
Red Hook - IPA

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