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Originally posted by BRR:
Originally posted by Ekoostik:

Stone TBA
Bell's Hopslam
Sierra Hoptimum

Cool Those are some big boys! I know the Sierra clocks in at about 10.4%!!!

Yeah, it was one too many for sure.
TBA is 7%
and the other 2 were 10+

I cant wait until someone figures out how to get all the flavor of these types of beers into a session brew.
All on draught:

* Moylans Tippery Pale Ale
* Deschutes Obsidian Stout
* Laughing Dog Anubis

The Maylans is a deep gold color, fairly clear with a short head. Nose of flowers and hops. Flavors of orange peel, lemon and a hint bitters. Good.

The Deschutes is black color, opaque with a good head. Nose of espresso and dark cocoa. Flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and a hint bitters. Very good to excellent.

The Laughing Dog is black color, opaque with a good head. nose of Nestle Quik and coffee beans. Flavors of chocolate covered peanuts and coffee. Good to very good.
Friday all on draught:

* Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA
* Dogfish Head Burton Baton
* Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti

The Houblon is light gold color in the glass, slightly opaque with a good head. The nose is fruit, flowers and hops. There flavors are lemon peel and bread. Short finish though. OK.

The Dog Fish is dark copper color in the glass, slightly opaque with a decent head. The nose is apricots, flowers and malt. The flavors are peach, malt and a hint bitters. Good to very good.

The Great Divide is black color in the glass, opaque with a moderate head. The nose is firmely dominated by espresso and chocolate. Bold flavors of double espresso, dark baking chocolate and bitters. Very good.
Last Tuesday all on draught:

* Breckenridge Lucky U IPA (CASK)
* Leinenkugels Big Eddy Wee Heavy
* Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

The Breckenridge is light copper color in the glass, cloudy with no head. Nose of lemon peel and pine scent. Strictly bitters on the palate. OK.

The Sierra is cherry color in the glass, clear with a very nice head. Nose of grass, lemon and cherry. Flavors of cherries, a bit on the sweet side with a heavy does of bitters on the finish. Big beer. Good to very good.

The Leinenkugels is cherry color in the glass, fairly clear with a medium head. Light nose of cherries with a bit of herbals. Flavors of cherries and caramel. Good to very good.
Originally posted by NolanE:
Why is Dallas such a wasteland for breweries?

Local zoning laws. However, that's changing as we speak. Dallas is working on an ordinance change that'll allow more breweries to open easier and quicker. It has gotten better though. Deep Ellum, Franconia, Rahr, Ass Kisser plus a few big chain on premise places like Gordon Biersch, BJ's, Humperdinks and Uncle Bucks. Lot's more beer bars as well.
Originally posted by Bruce Hayes:
Originally posted by wineOCD:
Guinness, from a can, at a fund raiser last night.

Wow, this is weird. I only saw your post after I posted mine. My Guiness is also from a can, a pack of four I bought Friday afternoon.

Good taste.

you too

When the wine list stinks or is non-existent, Guinness is my go to beer.

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