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Yesterday, all on tap:

* North Coast Red Seal
* Rogue Double Chocolate Stout
* Stone Double Bastard

The North Coast was a nice pale ale but a little light on the nose and palate for my preferences.

The Rogue was a nice chocolate stout. Good aromas and flavors. Wouldn't hesitate to order again.

The Stone is not as strong of a strong ale as anticipated. Bit subdued nose, good round palate. Would order again.
From today's news in Baltimore: (Look at the last sentence in the news report:
"A beer truck caught fire in the 200 block of Oak Manor Drive off Oakwood Road in Glen Burnie Thursday morning.

Anne Arundel County fire fighters say the initial call came in just after 11am.

Witnesses to the fire say the deliver truck had a Blue Moon Beer logo on the side of it.

Anne Arundel County fire officials say there were no injuries reported and no word on what caused the fire. There is also no word on whether the fire affected the beer on board the truck.
Hop-Slam...being in Cleveland Ive never had a problem sourcing this at release. My neighbor retailer guy sold it out in a day! (said his allo was way down) which left me scrambling. I found a case and have been slowly (10%) enjoying it, that said Im wondering where the buzz is coming from? (I even sent a case to a fellow board member in NC last year with out much trouble).
I really like the's a Pre Spring ritual and it is unique in it flavor profile, but wow, is it becoming another Pliny?
Friday all on tap:

* Victory Golden Monkey
* Great Divide 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA
* Barbar Winter Bok

Victory is a lighter, golden styled Belgium Ale. Clean with good weight. Recommended.

Great Divide is a super, clean and smooth Double IPA. Nice floral, spice and vanilla elements from the barrel aging. Recommended.

Barbar was a nice strong ale. Hint of spice on the nose and palate. Recommended.
Saturday all on tap:

* Murphy Irish Red
* Dogfish Head Aprihop
* Great Divide Old Ruffian

Murphy is copper colored, clear with a short head. Light nose and palate of malt and hops. OK.

Dogfish is copper colored, clear with a short head. Nose of hops and light but pleasant apricot notes. Light bitters and barely noticable apricot on the palate. OK.

Great Divide Old Ruffian is dark copper colored, clear with a medium head. Nose of spice, pear, hops and caramel. Flavors of caramel, spice and bitters. Good.
Originally posted by billhike:
Originally posted by wine+art:
We tried 37 different beers ( blind) last night.

I may not post in this thread for a few days.

Any aspirin this morning?

No, I was well prepared, ( large meal BEFORE tasting) and we tasted over a 6 hour time frame at our home.

Just had my fill of beer for a few days. Wink

We even opened two bottles of wine after all the beer. Eek
Tuesday all on tap:

* Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot
* Real Ale Phoenixx Double ESB
* Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11

Lagunitas was a solid imperial brown ale; one of the best I've had lately. Would order again.

Real Ale was a kick a$$ extra strong bitters. Love the finish. Recommended.

Stone barely had any noticable fruit. Good beer overall but misses the intended target in my mind.

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