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Over lunch this afternoon:

Brooklyn the Companion
Green Flash West Cost IPA
Ska Nefarious Ten Pin Porter
Stone Smoked Porter

All on tap.

The Brooklyn had good body, clean and refreshing.

The Green Flash was a bit too hoppy and bitter for pure pleasure drinking.

The Ska was solid and a good session beer.

The Stone still perplexes me. I generally like Stone brews but this one has an odd component on the nose and palate that I find a little off-putting. Just not my cup of tea I guess.
I enjoyed quite a few beers over Christmas break. What I enjoyed the most: full sail ipa - after a week of hoppy, malty, spicy, big, pronounced beers, this ipa was perfect. Not too bitter, but great floral hops. Great late hopped/dry hopped ipa. The other, a surprise, was coors original. Left them on the porch in the teens weather great day drinker while watching Blair Walsh not win(to say he
Ost it would be unfair) the outback bowl for the dogs.

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