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it was a beer centric weekend...(and beer is the new wine)...
*tyranena painted ladies pumpkin
*tyranena hop whore ipa
*tyranena octoberfest
tyranena rockys revenge brown ale partial aged bourbon barrels
new glarus imperial saison
new glarus english porter
dark horse crooked tree ipa
dark horse raspberry ale
3 floyds dreanaught 2ipa
Sierra Nevada "Torpedo" - their double IPA

Samuel Smiths - Pale Ale

Not Drinking - any of these lime beers or lemonade beers - someone brought these over and they are truly awful. but, on the "bright" side, my 6 year old son thought that the lemonade flavored beer was "yummy". Maybe these are the new wine coolers from my youth (not that I ever liked those, but who knows!!?!?).
the 120... Cool Razz

picked up a 4 pack of their pumpkin yesterday too. hells yeah!

Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
Originally posted by futronic:
Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Great beer. Had a couple this weekend.

Absolutely - I enjoy most beers from this brewery - the 90 Minute and the India Brown
we had one on saturday but we were knee deep in spanish wines so it sorta got overlooked.. Frown

Originally posted by Schliecker:
I just had the Alagash Triple Belgium - Yummy. Looking forward to the Alagash 4 Barrel and the Ommegang "Biere de Mars" which is refermented with brettanomyces.

Waiting for T-Bird to come by for this one...
I have not read the entire thread, but have any of you tried Sweetwater's beers. They are from Atlanta, and have four main lines, 420, Georgia Brown, IPA and Blueberry. They are five or so seasonals with names such as Festive Ale, Happy Ending and Wet Dream. I visited their brewery yesterday and was very impressed. They are only in five or six southeastern US states.

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