Beers by District ChopHouse and Brewery, in DC, during a brief recent trip.

We liked their imperial saison pretty well. Most of the other beers are very average. I don't know for sure, but the lighter styles sure tasted as if they were brewed with city tap water.
Not sure how wide his distribution is, but a buddy of ours has a brewery called Thorn St. Brewery here in SD. They make a Mexican style lager called Barrio Lager. It was the perfect pairing for beaches, grilled fish tacos, and horseshoes/poleish over the glorious sunny San Diego weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll be crushing these in the desert all weekend at Country Coachella (Stagecoach).
A trip to Pure Project Brewing.

My son had to warm up for an hour before his baseball game. What better way to spend that time than sampling some local brew.

La vie en Rosé: Saison with hibiscus and honey. light and refreshing

100s of Money: Session IPA brewed with mosaic hops. Good but nothing special.

Farm Dust: Farmhouse IPA brewed with cashmere and mosaic hops. This rocked. Red guy A+

Desert trip: West coast style IPA: Very interesting nose with balanced hops. Outstanding.

Sign of the Times: "Murky" double IPA brewed with citra and galaxy hops. Not overdone despite 8.8% ABV. Also outstanding.

Pure Project is definitely worth a trip if you ever find yourself in my hood.

First Roquefort 10 in a few years. It used to be a big treat but with the quantity of quality craft beers these days and big trend of huge gravity strong ales, it took about 1/2 of the bottle to adjust and really appreciate it as a great Belgian quad. Great stuff.

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