Almanac Sangriaveza - lots of these sour beers taste like something in their own class, not really like a beer.
Kern River Brewing Class V Stout - oatmeal, imperial, and milk stout all in one. They also make a Class X version of this which is bourbon barrel aged.
Felt very brave and tried a Rodenbach Grand Cru.

Very different and interesting style of beer. It is a blend of 1/3 freshly brewed with 2/3 of 2 year aged beer in oak.

What you get is an initial wild, lively, fruity attack on your taste buds followed by some deeper notes. Very rich and multi layered. I just can't get over the nuances of vinegar which poke through. Otherwise - great.
Some local brews from Dallas:

Martin Brewing Friday IPA - 6% 59 IBU
Revolver Blood and Honey Ale - 7% 20 IBU
Texas Ale Project Fire Ant Funeral - 6% 32 IBU
Peticolas Golden Opportunity - 4.6% 27 IBU
4 Corners El Chigon - 7.6% 72 IBU
Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde Ale - 5.2%
From Collective Arts in Hamilton:
Ransack the Universe - big but balanced, always tasty.
Saint of Circumstance - American Blonde Ale, good not not outstanding.
Dry Hop Sour - weird cross between an IPA and a sour. Not my thing.

Woodhouse Brewing Lager - this was really nice.

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