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Brewery Bon Vivant "Big Red Coq". (Red rooster on the label). Delicious.

Love this beer. Cool brewpub in GR if you haven't been - it's in an old church with stained glass windows. And they have duck nachos.
Almanac Sangriaveza - lots of these sour beers taste like something in their own class, not really like a beer.
Kern River Brewing Class V Stout - oatmeal, imperial, and milk stout all in one. They also make a Class X version of this which is bourbon barrel aged.
Twisted X Brewing Later Days Session IPA

I'm usually not a big IPA guy but this one hit the spot on a 102 degree afternoon.
Last night I did a 2017 KBS and Firestone Parabola side by side. KBS was more cocoa dominated, less bourbon, and Parabola was more bourbon and a little more complex, but I wouldn't choose one over the other.
Last night at a friends wedding:

Hill Farmstead Arthur
Grimm Super Going
TO OL Goliat Imperial Stout with Coffee
Felt very brave and tried a Rodenbach Grand Cru.

Very different and interesting style of beer. It is a blend of 1/3 freshly brewed with 2/3 of 2 year aged beer in oak.

What you get is an initial wild, lively, fruity attack on your taste buds followed by some deeper notes. Very rich and multi layered. I just can't get over the nuances of vinegar which poke through. Otherwise - great.
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Bench Session IPA
Collective Arts IPA #3
Collective Arts Ransack the Universe
GLB Octopus

That's a handful of hoppiness right there. Did you prefer one over the others?
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Guiness Pale Ale at the one and only Temple Bar. It had to be done.

Had mine at Fallons in Dublin -

Murphy's in Kinsale

Rochefort 10 in Bruges
Back home now only to find a chill in the air and many summer beers still in the fridge.
Muskoka Summer Weiss.
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St. Bernardus Abt. 12 at lunch.


Had it on tap for lunch Saturday. Greatness.
I've not had it from tap, but it's greatness out of the bottle for sure.
Some local brews from Dallas:

Martin Brewing Friday IPA - 6% 59 IBU
Revolver Blood and Honey Ale - 7% 20 IBU
Texas Ale Project Fire Ant Funeral - 6% 32 IBU
Peticolas Golden Opportunity - 4.6% 27 IBU
4 Corners El Chigon - 7.6% 72 IBU
Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde Ale - 5.2%
Some locals:

Copperpoint Brewery Lager
Due South Oktoberfest
Due South Industrial Porter
Due South Arbitrary Amber Lager
From Collective Arts in Hamilton:
Ransack the Universe - big but balanced, always tasty.
Saint of Circumstance - American Blonde Ale, good not not outstanding.
Dry Hop Sour - weird cross between an IPA and a sour. Not my thing.

Woodhouse Brewing Lager - this was really nice.

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