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Beau's Best of 2015

I'm usually a fan of some of Beau's special releases and look forward to their mix packs, but this one was a real downer for me. Not being a fan of high alcohol or fruity beer, this eliminated 3 of the four bottles. The Mango Saison and the Screaming Beaver were poured down the drain. I choked back the stout, which was 8.8% I believe, and mildly enjoyed the regular saison.

Just didn't do it for me this time around.
Originally posted by Wine Sparty:
Originally posted by thelostverse:
Goose Island Matilda last night at the UC watching the Hawks game. This stuff is still excellent, but it really makes me wonder why they stopped production of Pere Jacques.

That's my reaction when I think of Pere Jacques not being produced anymore.

I agree... Very disappointing. IndyBob introduced that beer to me and easily my favorite from Goose Island.
3 Floyds Gumballhead - I used to love this, but now it just seems so plain and bland
Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout - a lot of infected bottles seem to be out there, but mine was good. I definitely got some of the fruity flavor to go along with the coffee.
18th Street Devil's Conclave - pretty good, but a bit too much cinnamon for my liking
Had a boys' night out at various breweries and bars last night:
Half Acre Space - really enjoyed this IPA
Half Acre Chocolate Camaro (OK - would've liked more chocolate)
Pipeworks Citra - this is consistently good and not heavy for an IIPA
Green Flash Green Bullet
Maine Mo - liked this one
Maine Lunch - I can't figure this one out; I didn't care for it last night, and that's how I felt about it when I had it on draft before, but I had a bottle of it a month or two ago and really liked it
Revolution Straight Jacket - really boozy, which is what I've come to find from their barrel aged stuff
Revolution Civil Unrest
Bell's Lager of the Lakes
Deschutes The Abyss 2014 - thought this was rather unexciting, but also had a ton of beer already at that point

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