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Originally posted by thelostverse:
2015 Founders KBS yesterday with some smoked chicken wings during the Bears game. First time I've had this and it lived up to the hype for me.

Funny timing. A co-worker gave me a bottle on Friday and I just poured it. Also the 2015, and also my 1st one of these. It really is fantastic. Like really good wines (and even some coffee) just smelling this is awesome.
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Originally posted by MTvino:
Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. DELICIOUS.

I'm going to have one tonight while watching the game! Smile

Had a couple over the weekend. Easily the best pumpkin beer I've had, if that's your sort of thing.

Agreed. It's my go to pumpkin beer. I got a case and may have to pick up another soon Smile
I was in the Portland and Oregon area over the long weekend.

At Deschutes, I really enjoyed their Black Butte XXVII Imperial porter, Black Butte XXVI, Jubelale, and Fresh Squeezed IPA.

We drove to Hood River via the Columbia River Gorge area and had an excellent lunch at Pfriem. Their Italian Tuna Melt is the best sandwich I've tried this year. The Brat Plate was also delicious. I also enjoyed their beers. The Belgium Strong Dark and the seasonal Pumpkin ale were excellent.
Ballast point, pumpkin down...started off well, but was grating by the bottom
Dogfish head, punkin ale....a bit better than the BP. Pumpkin beers are a bit gimmicky, but this one had some gusto. Cool label, like a modern day Mucha
New Belgium Trippel, not unpleasant but, like most Belgians, comes across as a little sharp with a too pungent finish
Stone, Enjoy by 10-31-15 IPA. I enjoyed this by 6 pm on a Friday.

Sigh, think I'll go to Alpine tomorrow to fill up on Nelson.

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