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Thanks for the links...I can't believe I've never drank this before. I greatly admire their refusal to pasteurize or to reseed with sterile yeast. The corn starch guys are obvious at first taste...but I haven't got the discerning palate to detect differences between Weissen with retained yeast and those being reseeded. Nice to know there are breweries out there committed to the essence of the Reinheitsgebot as much as to the mandate itself.

Will be searching this one out. Thanks again!
Just might do that. I had an incredible Rauchbier experience in Nuernberg about a year ago, a dinner at a shared table with what were complete strangers at first, but turned out to be an expat from Texas and his German bride. WILD! And the bier--incredible! My first, and to date (very sadly), only Rauchbier experience. It's simply not available in this area, as I suspect no one prefers it here. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Mahr's or Weisse, but you mentioned Bamberg, and I got excited. It's definitely on my list of musts before we have to leave. As are so many other places...
Incredibly, I was able to find some more Bell's Hopslam. This is just incredible beer. There is a huge piney/citrus component that the hops lends to this. It has a really nice nose and, like a lot of good white wines, the taste clearly improves when it warms a bit. While this is $18 to $19 per 6 pack, the experience is clearly worth it. Anybody that loves beer needs to try this at some point during their lives. Smile
Over the past few nights:

Stone Levitation Ale - this was good, but think I would like to try the Pale Ale
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza - OK, not as sour as I had expected. Didn't get much sour at all, really. Not sure how much I could drink
Goose Island Sofie - liked this, but probably still like Matilda better
Brooklyn Lager - only had one, need to try again to figure out if I really like it or not

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