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Originally posted by Wino805:
Kern River Winter Ale (double IPA) - fantastic beer and one of my favorite DIPAs. Get up there and get some if you can while it lasts!

Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout - I happened to stumble on this immediately after it arrived at the local liquor store, got 6 bottles, gifted a few. Very good, a little too rich and syrupy at times for me, I like to share bottles of BCB beers when I drink them.

Russian River Supplication - Very very well done sour and the one that turned me onto this style. Vinnie brews nearly all of his beers very dry, no residual sugar like a lot of breweries do, perhaps due to his winemaking background (?)
Russian River Consecration - high ABV sour, A+ sour beer but I preferred the Supplication over this one.

Maine Beer Company "Dinner" double IPA - A+ beer, another hyped IPA I'll likely never get my hands on again unless I go to Maine.

Westvleteren 12 - A+ beer. Good Belgian yeast notes and spice, very well balanced malt backbone and a big beer. I love Belgian beers but this one has never "wowed" me to extremes, and plenty of domestic ales of the same style to me are comparable if not better.

I think it's time for a brewing kit.

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