I just bought a bottle of something from 1994. It was about $50 so for me that is high end. I intend to drink it soon with some locals. I am also considering buying a few made by the owner of Angelus that retail for about $40.

I have had a few inexpensive Portuguese reds and I think they are killer. Savory and spicy with restrained fruit. Those ones are the ones I like best, some are a little too close to port.
BTW, I believe the pinnacle of high end Portuguese red wines is, IIRC, a very limited bottling called J. Bastos, from the proprietor of Dona Maria. I don't have my notes handy, but I'm pretty sure it is straight-up Alicante Bouschet and costs in the area of $170.

It is excellent as well, but the pricing is too rich for me!
James, totally agreed on the Niepoort dry wines. Really fantastic!
  • 2000 Niepoort Douro Redoma - Portugal, Douro (2/3/2006)
    Wow, with a garrigue rubbed, pan-seared and then oven-roasted rack of lamb, wowsa, what a wine to enjoy! Lots of fresh acidity here, some super-charged notes of raspberry, a little leather, and an intensity and set of flavors I can't quite put words on. This seems more polished and smooth than the last time I had this. Better with the lamb than on its own, this is a simply lovely wine. (91 pts.)
  • 2000 Niepoort Douro Batuta - Portugal, Douro (8/28/2004)
    Some dry Niepoort's at Nell's (Seattle, WA, USA): Dry wine from the Douro valley. 14.0% On this night, this is clearly a big brother to the Redoma. Many unfamiliar scents, yet emerging from that are some that reminded me very much of a Barbera, with obvious notes of shoe polish and saddle leather. Over the course of a couple of hours this gaining a gorgeous, floral perfume and notes of saturated blackberry. The palate was initially quite black, powerful, grippy, yet very vibrant with lots of acid coming out. This has a really impressive entry and just sweeps across the palate. Lots of juicy berries are coming out, and the acid is less prominent than on the Redoma. This is deeply extracted, layered, powerful yet still quite elegant. A somewhat unique and puzzling wine yet one that clearly makes me want to taste more from the Douro. (93 pts.)
  • 2000 Niepoort Douro Redoma - Portugal, Douro (8/28/2004)
    Some dry Niepoort's at Nell's (Seattle, WA, USA): Dry wine from the Douro Valley. 13.5% The nose is leathery and slightly sweet, showing cranberry and raspberry. Despite the familiar words, this is somewhat foreign smelling and unique. On the palate this has a sweet initial attack and then shows chewy texture, tannic and mouthfilling with impressive acidity. This is a very big wine yet very vibrant and fresh. The finish is fairly long yet clearly showing a lot of tannin and loads of acid. I flirted with 89 points for a while, but there is so much fresh, juicy fruit here awash all of that acid and tannin. It hangs together quite well. (90 pts.)

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