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Tempier and Pibarnon from Bandol are perennial favourites.

Chateau D’Eclans is a really good Provence producer, but other than Whispering Angel, their products are quite expensive and don’t provide enough bang for the buck IMHO.

Domaine Lafond in Tavel is pretty reliable and reasonably priced. We like their Roc Epines most years.

Best non French Rosé I’ve had is Angellica from Antica Terra in Oregon. Haven’t been able to source any for a few years though.


Provence is my favorite region for rosé. My favorite producers are:

- Chateau Pradeaux (my #1, and also extraordinary qpr)

- Chateau Simone [Palette] (a darker, more “serious”, but gorgeous rosé)

- Pibarnon (similar to Pradeaux, a little less exuberant)

- Clos Cibonne Tibouren Cuvée Spéciale des Vignettes (My favorite from this producer, very wine-y, which I like)

- Tempier (always a crowd pleaser, a little over-hyped, imo, though)

- Commanderie de Peyrassol Cote de Provence “Le Clos Peyrassol” (Only had it once but quite impressed by its elegant fruitiness. Not dark.)

And, while it isn’t up to the others, and is from Santa Barbara, it clearly tries to be Provencal in style so I’ll add:

- Liquid Farm Mourvédre Rosé Vogelzang Vineyard (barely a rosé at all, but intense Asian pear and red-skinned apple flavors; fun.)

It goes without saying that LdH rosé is excellent, but that’s just not where my palate is these days.

If wanting Italian for some reason, my first choice would probably be Terre Nere (Etna), which is simple but lovely.

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Have either of you guys had any of their reds?  Thanks!

yea i drink andremily all the time.

Fingers crossed is one of my favorites of the SQN "clones" They have a realy lovely bright red candied currant fruit note that you don't see in the cherry notes that the other ones have.

The andremily after 6-8 years really mellow and start drinking really well with notes of cocoa butter, black cherries with a slight toasty bitterness on the finish that blends in well.  When young though, i find them disjointed with too much forward oak.  I'm only starting to drink the 14's (number 3?) now with the #1 and 2 being absolutely delicious at the when i drunk them 2,1 year ago respectively.  I've opened some of the 2019s just to see.  They're not fun to drink.

if you're ever interested swinging by DFW, happy to open them for you

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