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It’s not always my favorite place to shop given that our household is only two people. But we have grown to love a few of their branded items and buy them regularly.

Manchego and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses - both are excellent.

Toscano extra-virgin olive oil in the 1L bottle. Nice medium-deep green color, clean and fruity. I use their basic EVOO for cooking, but the Toscano is definitely a step up and my go-to for vinaigrette.

Anejo Tequila. Great aged flavor without seemingly artificially or over-oaked. Crazy value in the 1L bottle for I think $25.

Prime NY strips and filets. Prices fluctuate it these are occasionally priced lower than choice grades of beef at local grocers.

Oh, and don’t forget the pandemic stock-up size packs of toilet paper.

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I do love their cheeses. Their craft beers aren't bad, either. I will also pick up some items in the drug section, as they are always less expensive than the name brands. I also buy multiples of their Kirkland white leather tennis shoes, when they're in stock.

For those gourmands here, I recently saw in the frozen section, some Kirkland Japanese Wagyu A-5 ribeye steaks for $99.99 lb. A package of 2 would set you back only $150-$200. Looked like they might be good for teppanyaki.

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I agree that their cheeses are excellent.  Their shredded parmesan is a must-buy.

I only buy my steaks at Costco; the prime cuts are good bargains.  So are the choice cuts, for that matter. 

Love the thick cut bacon.

I like the seafood:  the salmon is good, and the lobster tails are pretty good value.  The tuna steaks can be hit and miss but when they have them they are really good.

The pecan pie (when you can find it) is awesome, as is the pumpkin pie and key lime pies.

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