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2014 El Nido Clio

Bman, are you standing this so the blueberry skins fall to the bottom? Wink

Don't forget the toasted coconut shavings, Steve! Smile

Smart asses...... Razz

And..... yes......... Smile

But I like blueberries (toasted coconut, a little less so)
A good friend is moving away from Vancouver, so we're heading out to our favorite local bistro for a farewell-ish dinner tonight. I'm taking Krug Grand Cuvée and 1998 Haut Brion. He tells me he's bringing a First Growth either '82 or '86, and an Auslese Riesling.

He has never disappointed. I'm pretty excited to see what he'll pull; his Riesling selection is quite special. Smile
Thanks guys. I don't have much experience with aged wines like this, but it didn't have a lot of fruit left, tannins were fully integrated and there was a candy-like feel on the palate. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what type of candy, other than it was sticky sweet for a few seconds, which was replaced by an earthy/mossy finish.

I was happy to have been able to secure a birth year wine (especially a Monte Bello), so it was more an experience for my wife and me.
Originally posted by DoktaP:
Oops. I thought you had more of the '87 Dunn.
Vinoevolo will be in the area and I snagged him some Chateau Musar from our local KGBO.
Pretty simple.
But anytime you and P want to visit, you are more than welcome.


And yes, I do have one more '87 Dunn HM. I'd love to put your name (and your P's name) on it for future enjoyment together!

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